Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Will Gillard Go Down as the Stupidist Prime Minister in History?

One Down - One To Go!

Julia Gillard's desperate fight to stay Prime Minister is moving into the realms of fantasy. She cannot/will not say how much her carbon dioxide tax will cool the planet (maybe because it won't!). 

She has not told us how much of the tax we will pay to her government will actually go to the UN. 

She has denied making the no carbon tax promise saying things have changed and the voting public knew she always wanted a carbon tax so they should have known what she would do. Every day more lies and deceit come out.

All her troubles can be traced back to her absoloute greed to hang onto power regardless and form a minority government with the Greens and a couple of independants who know they are rotten meat in the next election. 

She will do whatever Bob Brown and the Greens tell her to do. She got the Labor Party into bed with the devil and there ain't no getting out until the sorry deed is consummated.. And what is worse ole Bob isn't even wearing a condom! The STD that will result from this despicable union will infect us all and we didn't even enjoy the bollocking!

Sort of reminds me of the yarn about the Yank, the Pom, and the Aussie arguing about who had the toughest people.

The Yank said "We had a marine during the Iraq war who got his guts blown out but he fought on for two hours. So beat that!""

The Pom said "That's nothing, we had a soldier fighting in Afghanistan who got his brains shot out by a sniper but, with no brain, still managed to kill the sniper and fight on for four hours. So beat that!"

The good old Aussie stood there scratching his head for a few minutes as the Yank and the Pom waited for him to reply. 

Then he said "Well fellas, that's pretty impressive but I think I got you both. We got a woman in Australia with no guts and no brains and she's been running the country for twelve months."

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