Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Carbon Trading Extortion is Here!

Foreign airlines are threatened with a flight and landing ban from 2012 in the European Union if they do not participate in emissions trading.

"This is idiotic. The EU carbon trading cabal has decided to extort the rest of the air travel world starting in 2012. In a nutshell, they’ll ban flights from landing if the airlines don’t engage in carbon trading. It’s yet another variation of the “Plane Stupid” theme.

The ban is proposed in an internal document by the EU Commission seen by Handelsblatt. Summarised on nine pages, the guidelines describe how such a ban could be implement. The Commission considers a flight and landing ban as a last resort to make the airlines surrender over its Emissions Trading Scheme.

An EU Directive stipulates that airlines from Europe and third countries are mandated to be included in the trading of emissions rights. On their flights to and from Europe, they may then only emit as much CO2 as the CO2 certificates they hold. 85 percent of the certificates are free of charge while 15 percent of the allowances have to bought via auctions.

International resistance against the EU plan is growing. Several American, Asian and African airlines are suing the EU over its emissions trade project. The US Aviation Association ATA is attempting to have the policy suspended by the European Court of Justice. And the Russian government has also voiced its displeasure in Brussels.

Not even critics of the project believe that the European Commission will actually ban flights by American and other foreign airlines. The EU Commission is looking for a face-saving way out: “What remains are the costs of CO2 allowances, which will only burden European airlines and make them uncompetitive” Airlines such as Lufthansa and Air Berlin had already warned of this danger in the legislative process.

At the end of September, the general assembly of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) will take place. Some countries, such as the U.S. want to adopt a resolution, which will make clear that emissions trading systems may only be applied by mutual agreement.

See the full report at the above link.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

First It Was Global Warming, Then Climate Change, Now Global Cooling

How do I sell carbon credits now?

When the climate scam first hit it was all about us rotten, dirty, scumbag humans causing global warming and we just had to pay for it!
Or so Al Gore and the Greens told us. And keep telling us. The science is settled they said.
All this despite the proven fact that global warming stopped in 1998. Then true scientists, not global warming prostitutes, started to delve deeper and came up with a monsterous scam perpetrated by Al Gore and his puppet master and godfather opf the greens, Maurice Strong. 
The scam is based on lies and fraudulent manipulation of data by the IPPC.

When the shit hit the fan and proof emerged that global warming had stopped, the name of the scam was changed to "climate change". 
Now it will be changed to Global Cooling!
Here is an article from The

"Bilderberg: Whether you believe it’s part of a sinister conspiracy which will lead inexorably to one world government or whether you think it’s just an innocent high-level talking shop, there’s one thing that can’t be denied: it knows which way the wind is blowing. (Hat tips: Will/NoIdea/Ozboy)

At its June meeting in Sitges, Spain (unreported and held in camera, as is Bilderberg’s way), some of the world’s most powerful CEOs rubbed shoulders with notable academics and leading politicians.

They included: the chairman of Fiat, the Irish Attorney General Paul Gallagher, the US special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Holbrooke, Henry Kissinger, Bill Gates, Dick Perle, the Queen of the Netherlands, the editor of the Economist…. Definitely not Z-list, in other words.

Which is what makes one particular item on the group’s discussion agenda so tremendously significant. See if you can spot the one I mean:
The 58th Bilderberg Meeting will be held in Sitges, Spain 3 – 6 June 2010. The Conference will deal mainly with Financial Reform, Security, Cyber Technology, Energy, Pakistan, Afghanistan, World Food Problem, Global Cooling, Social Networking, Medical Science, EU-US relations.
Yep, that’s right. Global Cooling!

Almost every government in the Western world from the USA to Britain to all the other EU states to Australia and New Zealand is currently committed to a policy of “decarbonisation.”

This in turn is justified to (increasingly sceptical) electorates on the grounds that man-made CO2 is a prime driver of dangerous global warming and must therefore be reduced drastically, at no matter what social, economic and environmental cost.

In the Eighties and Nineties, the global elite had a nice run of hot weather to support their (scientifically dubious) claims. But now they don’t. Winters are getting colder. Fuel bills are rising (in the name of combating climate change, natch). The wheels are starting to come off the AGW bandwagon. Ordinary people, resisting two decades of concerted brainwashing, are starting to notice.

The next few years are going to be very interesting. Watch the global power elite squirming to reposition itself as it slowly distances itself from Anthropogenic Global Warming (”Who? Us? No. We never thought of it as more than a quaint theory…”), and tries to find new ways of justifying green taxation and control. (Ocean acidification; biodiversity; et al).

You’ll notice sly shifts in policy spin. For example The Greens suicidal “dash for wind” will be re-invented as a vital step towards “energy security.” There will be less talk of “combatting climate change” and more talk of “mitigation”. You’ll hear enviro-Nazis like Obama’s Science Czar John Holdren and Greens Bob Brown avoid reference to “global warming” like the plague, preferring the more reliably vague phrase “global climate disruption.”

And you know what the worst thing is? If we allow them to, they’re going to get away with it.

Our duty as free citizens over the next few years is to make sure that they don’t.

Al Gore, George Soros, Bill Gates, Carol Browner, John Holdren, Barack Obama, David Cameron, Ed Miliband, Tim Yeo, Michael Mann, Ted Turner, Robert Redford, Phil Jones, Chris Huhne, John Howard (yes really, he was supposed to be a conservative, but he was the man who kicked off Australia’s ETS), Julia Gillard, Kevin Rudd, Yvo de Boer, Rajendra Pachauri….

The list of the guilty goes on and on. Each in his own way – and whether through ignorance, naivety idealism or cynicism, it really doesn’t matter for the result has been the same – has done his/her bit to push the greatest con-trick in the history of science, forcing on global consumers the biggest bill in the history of taxation, using “global warming” as an excuse to extend the reach of government further than it has ever gone before."

See the full article at:  if you have time between Masterchef and he X Factor!


Monday, September 27, 2010

NSW Terrorism Laws - Thin End of The Wedge As Bad Old Days Return.

Here is part of an article by Richard Ackland of The National Times. I heard on the ABC radio news this morning, some terrorist "expert" whose name I didn't catch has seriously suggested that our police and armed forces be trained in "urban warefare".

I guess this means if I decide to protest aginst the war in Afghanistan the NSW police will have the correct training to deal with me!

The training may also help the police when I protest against the Watermelon Party's plans to confiscate my legally acquired and licensed firearms, to stop me from going fishing, and from driving my four wheel drive.

Let the article begin:

"In the good old days of policing, those bullnecked old thumpers knew how to get their man. Accused were verballed, evidence planted and fishing expeditions mounted.

Police powers were pretty wide and all those smart, overweight cops who hung around Chinese restaurants into the late afternoon could sidestep the rules and regs without too much strife. Bribery was rife, evidence and witnesses ''disappeared'', and if material facts were not distorted, they were withheld. ''Scrumdowns'', where cops would collude to present a unified story, were the order of the day.

The royal commission into the NSW police was supposed to have changed all that. What happened after Justice Jim Wood reported his findings and recommendations in 1997 was a system of ''policing by law''. Procedures were tightened by which police power was supposed to be exercised.

What's been happening in recent times is the surreptitious unstitching of ''policing by law'' and a return to powers that are ill-defined and lightly supervised. This is a direct consequence of the war on terrorism.

The NSW government has been doing its brave bit to make us all safe from terrorism. In fact Attorney-General John Hatzistergos announced this month his government ''has made counterterrorism a top priority''. To that end, the use of covert search warrants under the Terrorism (Police Powers) Act will be extended, even though these special warrants have only been applied for five times and granted three times.

This act was NSW's response to the attacks of September 11, 2001, and the covert warrants power was supposed to expire on September 13. It will be kept alive and kicking for three more years.
Special powers under this law come into being whenever a senior police officer has ''reasonable grounds'' for thinking there might be a terrorist attack in the ''near future''. An authorisation is then given by the minister for police, although in some circumstances, if he's busy at a sauna or fund-raiser with property developers, the authorisation can happen without the say-so of the minister."

If you can drag your sheeple arse away from Masterchef then catch the full article here:

Wind Farm Will Milk Britons of Billions.

Thanet Wind Farm

In all the publicity given to the opening of "the world's largest wind farm" off the Kent coast in Britain last week, by far the most important and shocking aspect of this vast project was completely overlooked. Over the coming yearsthe British taxpayer will be giving the wind farm's Swedish owners a total of $2 billion in subsidies.

I still have my doubts about the safety of nuclear power but that same sum, invested now in a single nuclear power station, could yield a staggering 13 times more electricity, with much greater reliability.

The first all-too-common mistake in the glowing coverage accorded to the inauguration of this Thanet wind farm by the British Climate Change Secretary, Chris Huhne, was to accept unquestioningly the claims of the developer, Vattenfall, about its output. The array of 100 three-megawatt (MW) turbines will have, it was said, the "capacity" to produce 300MW of electricity, enough to "power" 200,000 (or even 240,000) homes.

This may be true at those rare moments when the wind is blowing at the right speeds. But the wind, of course, is intermittent, and the average output of these turbines will be barely a quarter of that figure. The latest official figures on the website of Mr Huhne's own department show that last year the average output (or "load factor") of Britain's offshore turbines was only 26 per cent of their capacity.

Due to its position, the wind farm's owners will be lucky to get, on average, 75MW from their windmills, a fraction of the output of a proper power station. The total amount of electricity the turbines actually produce will equate to the average electricity usage not of 240,000 homes, but of barely half that number.
A far more significant omission from the media reports, however, was any mention of the colossal subsidies this wind farm will earn.Wind energy is subsidised in Britain through the system of Renewables Obligation Certificates (ROCs), unwittingly paid for by allBritons through their electricity bills. Electricity supply companies are obliged to buy offfshore wind energy at three times its normal price, so that each megawatt hour of electricity receives a 200 per cent subsidy of £100.
This means that the 75MW produced on average by Thanet will receive subsidies of £60 million a year, on top of the £30-40 million cost of the electricity itself. This is guaranteed for the turbines' estimated working life of 20 years, which means that the total subsidy over the next two decades will be some £1.2 billion.

Based on the costings of the current French nuclear programme, that would buy 1 gigawatt (1,000MW) of carbon-free nuclear generating capacity, reliably available 24 hours a day – more than 13 times the average output of the wind farm.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Global Tax Scam Shifts From Climate Change To Poverty

As the science behind global warming becomes increasingly discredited and its proponents are exposed as eugenics-obsessed control freaks who care only about destroying freedom, the effort to make us pay a global tax has shifted from the justification of climate change to that of poverty.

As we documented on Sunday, leaders from 60 nations will be meeting at the UN this week to push a tax on world financial transactions, formally launching a massive program to bankrupt the middle class and enrich the coffers of global government.

Separately, the leaders of Spain and France are also now calling for new “financing sources” with which to build the infrastructure of a one world government. Remember, this has nothing to do with poverty. As the leaked Danish text revealed, global institutions such as the IMF and the World Bank have no intention of handing the money looted from American taxpayers to poorer countries, they will merely continue to keep the third world in bondage with crippling loans while withholding the real wealth for themselves.

“We need to make more effort to look for alternative financing sources … that aren’t as vulnerable as the budgets of developed countries when faced with crises like the one we’re seeing today,” said Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.

“Both he and French President Nicolas Sarkozy called for some form of financial tax to raise money to combat poverty, an idea already rejected by the International Monetary Fund and many Group of 20 major developed and developing nations,” reports Reuters.

Although climate change still gets a token mention in the call for a global tax, the justification of poverty has firmly overtaken it as the primary ruse via which globalists plan to conduct a massive transfer of wealth – not to poor nations – but to their own back pockets
As the recently leaked UN blueprint revealed, the elite are determined to use a global tax as just one of the weapons in their arsenal to dismantle the middle class of richer nations.

In their own words, the globalists talk of their aim to “limit and redirect the aspirations for a better life of rising middle classes around the world,” in other words to reduce the standard of living for the middle classes in Western Europe and America. You can add Australia into that equation as well.

See the full article at:

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Price Of Standing Up To Global Warming Alarmists in West Australian Govt.

Matt and Janet Thompson
This is a particularly nasty story about warming alarmist facism by the Government of Western Australia and the retribution they let rip on a family resulting in the Thompsons receiving an eviction notice with just 4 days warning.

Matt and Janet Thompson came from America, invested millions of their own money trying to start a farm with 15,000 head of cattle, and was going well until Matt questioned the climate change lunacy and policies of Western Australia.

In a move worthy of North Korea the government machine closed ranks and set about destroying the Thompsons. by burying their business in red tape and never ending licence applications.

So far a black Holden has not turned up in the dead of night to cart Matt Thompson off to the Gulag in Arnhem Land, but it could only be a question of time as eco facism takes hold in Western Australia.
I need your help, because they need your help. Please read this whole story and consider if you can help. WUWT readers may recall this story: Death of a Feedlot Operator …in which the anal-retentive government of West Australia has “licensed” a family farm out of operation due to some shonky science and arbitrary application of the “sniff test”. Yes that’s right, cattle farms smell, so do pig farms, as does any farm. But now it’s reason to shut one out due to baseless complaints from the local greens. And, it all started when Matt Thompson started doubting global warming and talking about it publicly.
I’ve never made a plea to the WUWT worldwide readership for help, I’m making one now to donate to these people to stave off eviction. If nothing else, do it to spite the government of Western Australia and the greens (Environmental Defender’s Office WA) that have turned farming into a “crime”. The real crime is that government listens to these hotheads.H/T WUWT
This sort of behaviour by Church of Climatology administrations is likely to become the norm, as having failed to scare us shitless with the climate change lie, they will now seek to force their will on people by methods favoured by totalitarian regimes.
Don’t bring your investment dollars to Western Australia — not while the Department of the Environment and The Greens effectively controls the state.
The Thompsons waited a full year to get Works Approval for a 15,000 head feedlot. After they had already committed the capital, the rules kept shifting. They discovered they’d need ongoing licenses as well. After several years of ramping up the capacity on these licenses, things changed.  Matt spoke out as a skeptic. About that time, the renewals were delayed, then the numbers were cut in half, and new conditions were added that were impossible to meet. To feed and supply water for thousands of cattle the Thompsons had to sign agreements in advance to pay for hundreds of thousands of dollars of goods they could not use, but had no way of knowing that at the time. When they appealed, it took 18 months to get “vindicated” but by then there was only six months left on the “two year”  license. Not enough to set up all the contracts and run a business. The new sub-clauses meant that even licenses for a qualified “10,000″ head had vague untestable conditions: the license you have when you don’t have a license. H/T JoNova

"Vast Majority of Humans Should Be Killed" Says Global Warming Guru ...

Pentti Linkola - wants to be a mass murderer!

A Finnish environmentalist guru has gone further than any other global warming alarmist in openly calling for fascism as a necessary step to save the planet from ecological destruction, demanding that climate change deniers be “re-educated” in eco-gulags and that the vast majority of humans be killed with the rest enslaved and controlled by a green police state, with people forcibly sterilized, cars confiscated and travel restricted to members of the elite.

Philosopher Pentti Linkola has built an enthusiastic following of self-described “eco-fascists” receptive to his message that the state should enact draconian measures of “discipline, prohibition, enforcement and oppression” in order to make people comply with environmental dictates.

Linkola’s barbaric and dictatorial philosophy has remained relatively obscure but is now gaining traction as the mask of environmentalism is lifted to unveil its true nature – a justification for 21st century tyranny on a grand scale, characterized by eugenics, sterilization, gulags, police states, and total government control over every aspect of our existence.

Linkola’s doctrine is more extreme, repulsive, and threatening to liberty than anything carried out by history’s worst dictators, Hitler, Stalin and Mao – combined. Indeed, Linkola laments that such monsters didn’t go far enough in wiping out many more millions of people.

Under Linkola’s proposal to save earth from man-made climate change, “only a few million people would work as farmers and fishermen, without modern conveniences such as the automobile.” This system would be enforced by the creation of a “Green Police” who would abandon “the syrup of ethics” that governs human behavior to completely dominate the population.

Here is a quote from Linkola's website:

Who misses all those who died in the Second World War? Who misses the twenty million executed by Stalin? Who misses Hitler's six million Jews? Israel creaks with overcrowdedness.
See the full article here:

Monday, September 20, 2010

Globalists Plan to Dismantle Middle Class With UN Tax

Globalists representing 60 nations will meet at the UN this coming week to push a tax on world financial transactions in the name of solving poverty and climate change, formally launching a massive program to bankrupt the middle class and enrich the coffers of global government.

“Spearheaded by European Union countries, the so-called “innovative financing” proposal envisages a tax of 0.005 percent (five cents per $1,000), which experts estimate could produce more than $30 billion a year worldwide for priority causes,” reports CNS News.

As Ira Stoll, editor of, points out, new taxes always start off small so as to not be resisted by the people forced to pay them, and are then always gradually increased.

“When people suggest taxes, they always start out ‘small,” said Stoll.

“But once the door is opened to the idea of ‘global taxes,’ you can bet they won’t end small. Never mind all the issues about whether development aid actually helps poor countries or just winds up empowering corrupt local dictators and their cronies.”

The call for a global transaction tax arrives in the aftermath of a leaked UN blueprint which outlined how elitists plan to re-brand global warming in an effort to dismantle the middle class by instituting a “global redistribution of wealth” via carbon taxes.

Under the terms of this proposal, poorer countries will not simply be handed the money pillaged from richer nations, instead they will be forced to accept “green loans” in the name of combating climate change, a policy that would land the already financially devastated third world with even more debt, payable to globalist institutions such as the IMF.

We warned that globalists were embarking on a global financial transaction tax back in December when Lord Monckton obtained the draft proposals for the Copenhagen summit.

Get the full story here:

The Powerful Coalition That Wants to Engineer the World's Climate.

A powerful coalition of forces is quietly constellating around the idea of transforming the Earth's atmosphere by simulating volcanic eruptions to counter the warming effects of carbon pollution. Engineering the planet's climate system is attracting the attention of scientists, scientific societies, venture capitalists and conservative think tanks.

Despite the enormity of what is being proposed — nothing less than taking control of Earth's climate system — the public has been almost entirely excluded from the planning.

The Royal Society defines geoengineering as "the deliberate large-scale manipulation of the planetary environment to counteract anthropogenic climate change" and divides methods into two types: carbon dioxide removal from the atmosphere, and solar radiation management aimed at reducing heat coming in or reflecting more of it out.

Problem!  The earth stopped cooling in 1998 (Heaven + Earth, Professor Ian Plimer - Connorcourt publishing, page 25).

All the progressive events in global history occured during global warming, called Intergacial Periods. During these periods there was ample food for all and humanity thrived.

During global cooling including Ice Ages, humanity suffered and millions perished from lack of food and freezing to death. There is a body of opinion that suggests, from available data, that we are on the edge of a mini Ice Age not a period of global warming.

Given the above information, why would a powerful group of people want to cool the Earth by geoengineering during a period of so called warming?

I would suspect a eugenics agenda as reported here.

This whole climate change agenda is a huge rort. Do yourself a favour and beg, borrow or steal Professor Plimers book Heaven + Earth. You don't need to be a boffin to read it as it was deliberatly written so us common people can see the truth.

More information available here:

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Medicinal Herbs Will Disappear in EU: Will Australia be Next?

Big Pharma has almost reached the finish line of its decades-long battle to wipe out all competition. As of 1 April 2011—less than eight months from now—virtually all medicinal herbs will become illegal in the European Union. 

The approach in the United States is a bit different, but it's having the same devastating effect. The people have become nothing more than sinks for whatever swill Big Pharma and Agribusiness choose to send our way, and we have no option but to pay whatever rates they want.

Big Pharma and Agribusiness have almost completed their march to take over every aspect of health, from the food we eat to the way we care for ourselves when we're ill. Have no doubt about it: this takeover will steal what health remains to us.

The European Directive on Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products (THMPD)  lays down rules and regulations for the use of herbal products that had previously been freely traded.

This directive requires that all herbal preparations must be put through the same kind of procedure as pharmaceuticals. It makes no difference whether a herb has been in common use for thousands of years. The costs for this are far higher than most manufacturers, other than Big Pharma, can bear, with estimates ranging from £80,000 to £120,000 per herb, and with each herb of a compound having to be treated separately.

It matters not that a herb has been used safely and effectively for thousands of years. It will be treated as if it were a drug. Of course, herbs are far from that. They're preparations made from biological sources. They aren't necessarily purified, as that can change their nature and efficacy, just as it can in food. It's a distortion of their nature and the nature of herbalism to treat them like drugs. That, of course, makes no difference in the Big Pharma-ruled edifice of the EU, which has enshrined corporatism in its constitution.

See the full story at:

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Square Foot Gardening - Ideal for Small Area.

Our square foot garden beds.

The idea behind square foot gardening is that you can plant fruits, vegetables and flowers in raised beds, above infertile soil and even out of the reach of some pets. Seeds are planted in 1X1 square foot plots, and when harvested a new plant of a different species is installed in the square. On a larger scale this is called crop rotation. Different plants take up different nutrients from the soil.

Raised beds can sit directly on the ground, or include a bottom layer and be placed on patios, decks or porches. Here we have bird wire netting to keep our Maltese Terriers from digging the plants out. SF gardening makes it really easy to weed and keep an eye on pests.

This is a close up of one of our SF garden beds. If you look closely you can see the wire that divides the bed up into square foot areas with one or two plants in each square.The term Square Foot Gardening sounds a lot better then square 30 centimeter gardening!

The best rule of thumb is to start small, and then grow a bit more each season. Otherwise, you will get overwhelmed and burned out!
  1. Write down a list of all the foods you wish to grow. Keep in mind–if you don’t buy it fresh at the store, you probably won’t eat it, even if it’s home-grown and free!
  2. Decide how many squares of each plant you will grow. One or two squares of each is probably plenty! 
  3. Add up the total number of squares you need for your garden.
  4. Design your garden.
Our SF gardens are 4 foot x 4 foot. We kept the measurements in feet rather then convert back and forth between imperial and metric. Here is a table kindly donated (read stolen!) from another web site:

To calculate how many plants per square, look on the back of the seed packet–totally ignore the row spacing, just look at the plant spacing:
  • 12″ apart, plant 1 per square
  • 6″ apart, plant 4 per square
  • 4″ apart, plant 9 per square
  • 3″ apart (or less), plant 16 per square

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Ugly Face of Eugenics Peers From Behind the Mask of Environmentalism

The mask of the man-made global warming movement is slowly being ripped away to reveal the true nature of what we face – a gang of hardcore control freaks who have hijacked well-placed environmental concerns as a vehicle through which to enact their religion of death – eugenics.

This was exemplified earlier this week when Bill Gates was caught in a controversy after he advocated the use of death panels to make rulings on denying health care to the elderly. Gates’ justification that killing old people could save money to preserve jobs was a classic case of social cannibalism, the end justifies the means, and it revealed the true nature of the eco-fascist agenda.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funds vaccines for the third world to the tune of billions, and yet in his own speeches Gates has advocated using vaccines to lower global population, all in the name of reducing CO2 emissions and combating global warming. In other words, Gates invokes the vaccines he funds in the name of improving health care as a tool of forced sterilization.

Gates’ call for death panels was mimicked by the September 2009 Newsweek article above, entitled “The Case For Killing Granny,” in which writer Evan Thomas made the case for rationing health care by denying old people treatment.

 The eugenicist health care argument shares a central parallel with the environmentalist screed  of The Greens, using the threat of artificial scarcity to uphold the role of the state as an authoritarian re-distributor of wealth and resources.

This idea is embraced by a growing number of climate change cult members, who are openly calling for freedom to be crushed and humans to be exterminated in the name of saving the planet.

I wonder did you realise this when you voted for The Greens?

Top environmentalist and creator of the Gaia hypothesis James Lovelock told the Guardian earlier this year that “democracy must be put on hold” to combat global warming and that “a few people with authority” should be allowed to run the planet.

In a recent book, author and environmentalist Keith Farnish called for acts of sabotage and environmental terrorism in blowing up dams and demolishing cities in order to return the planet to the agrarian age. Prominent NASA global warming alarmist and Al Gore ally Dr. James Hansen endorsed Farnish’s book.

 Another prominent figure in the climate change debate who exemplifies the violent and death-obsessed belief system of the movement is Dr. Eric R. Pianka, an American biologist based at the University of Texas in Austin.

 During a speech to the Texas Academy of Science in March 2006, Pianka advocated the need to exterminate 90% of the world’s population through the airborne ebola virus. The reaction from scores of top scientists and professors in attendance was not one of shock or revulsion – they stood and applauded Pianka’s call for mass genocide.

See more at:

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Life on this Earth Just Changed: The North Atlantic Current is Gone

The thermohaline circulation is sometimes called the ocean conveyor belt, the great ocean conveyor, or the global conveyor belt.

The latest satellite data establishes that the North Atlantic Current (also called the North Atlantic Drift) no longer exists and along with it the Norway Current. 

These two warm water currents are actually part of the same system that has several names depending on where in the Atlantic Ocean it is. The entire system is a key part of the planet’s heat regulatory system; it is what keeps Ireland and the United Kingdom mostly ice free and the Scandinavia countries from being too cold.

It is what keeps the entire world from another Ice Age. This Thermohaline Circulation System is now dead in places and dying in others.

This ‘river’ of warm water that moves through the Atlantic Ocean is called, in various places, the South Atlantic Current, the North Brazil Current, the Caribbean Current, the Yucatan Current, the Loop Current, the Florida Current, the Gulf Stream, the North Atlantic Current (or North Atlantic Drift) and the Norway Current.

Read more: Life on this Earth Just Changed: The North Atlantic Current is Gone

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Swearing in Features MASONIC (Thumb on Knuckles) HANDSHAKE?

Wow! Julia wearing a tiara and copping a gripper handshake!

Henry Makow reports:

"With Labor back in power, it looks as though there is now going to be a concerted effort to push through fraudulent legislation such as climate change legislation which the Australian Labor party failed to establish in its first term just passed.  

They are also wincing from their failure to censor the internet with an internet filter (under the pretext of combating child pornography but with the intention of keeping the list of banned URLs secret) which led to a vehement backlash from Australian citizens who correctly saw the internet filter as a means of suppressing dissenting political opinions expressed on the internet.

Labor will not succeed in passing either the climate change legislation or the internet filter legislation.  The mood in Australia is one of extreme skepticism towards and disillusionment in the government.  

Over the past three years, Australians have gotten a taste of their collective power as citizens by opposing the climate change legislation and internet filter legislation and I guarantee that they will not give this power up.  

Australians have no appetite for either or these pieces of legislation being regurgitated and resubmitted.  They are already aware of a prolonged period of time and a massive amount of money already invested in debating them and they will have no patience for them being revisited.."

Read the full article at:


The climate change legislation will be back on the agenda. It will be put there by the Watermelon Party - you know, Green on the outside but pink inside. The Greens have the Labor Party by the short and curlies and climate change legislation is only the first of a series of  attacks on the average Australian's freedom.

No fishing, no hunting (poison feral animals instead!), no 4 wheel driving and no vehicular acess to National Parks, just for starters. 

Where did the Greens agenda originate?  See here:

Sunday, September 12, 2010

RyanAir CEO: "Global Warming Is Bullshit"

The CEO of Europe's largest airline Ryanair has called global warming "bullshit" and "horseshit" in an interview with the Irish Independent.

Michael O'Leary's scathing assault on the scientific theory targeted not just the idea of global warming itself, but those who perpetuate it.

From the Irish Independent:
Do I believe there is global warming? No, I believe it's all a load of bullshit. But it's amazing the way the whole fucking eco-warriors and the media have changed. It used to be global warming, but now, when global temperatures haven't risen in the past 12 years, they say 'climate change'.
O'Leary didn't hold back, targeting the entire scientific community for being wrong throughout history, and the weather on a regular basis.
The scientific community has nearly always been wrong in history anyway. In the Middle Ages, they were going to excommunicate Galileo because the entire scientific community said the Earth was flat... I mean, it is absolutely bizarre that the people who can't tell us what the fucking weather is next Tuesday can predict with absolute precision what the fucking global temperatures will be in 100 years' time. It's horseshit.

Read more:

Idiot Buys Train - Converts it to Biofuel!

 Barmy Prince Charlie Looking at the World Thru 3D Glasses!

The Prince of Wales  has embarked on an eco-tour of Britain. He is  reminding us that unless we convert our Aston Martins to biofuels by the end of next week (just like he has done) then the polar ice caps will most assuredly melt and we’ll all die.

Needless to say, he has found the perfect means of transport by which to convey this important message: a huge train powered by possibly the most ecologically disastrous fuel source yet devised by mankind. Biofuel.

Reprinted here is a letter to BBC radio regarding the royal lunatic!

I have just listened with mounting incredulity to your report that Prince Charles is touring the country in a biofuel-powered train ‘to promote cycling and a sustainable lifestyle’.Is he stark raving mad? There are so many issues around biofuel that it would take all day to list them, but here are a few blindingly obvious questions to ask him:
What were the combine harvesters that gathered the biofuel running on? I know it is used but it didn’t drip down from heaven to begin with!
How was it delivered to the recyclers, and thence to the station? What else could the land it was grown on have been used for?
Is there enough used vegetable oil around for us all to power our trains on? Or perhaps just our modest little cars (not Aston Martins like his)
How much does his train weigh? The pictures I have seen in the media today show eight carriages including the power car. They weigh between 36 and 51 tons each. Being generous and taking an average of 40 tons, that makes a total of 320 tons, or about the same as 320 family cars.
To carry 9 people!

This is what happens to brain function when aunties marry nephews etc. like they do in royal families. 

This guy needs putting somewhere where he can’t do any harm to himself or any (more) harm to the rest of humanity.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Climate Change Legislation Benefits the Elite, No! That Wouldn't be True!

Al (I Want More) Gore reports:

"The National Forestry Commission of Mexico in conjunction with the Swiss government recently held a conference to discuss the possibility of new, centralized climate change legislation. If enacted, the legislation will change the way Latin America governs its forests, and potentially set a precedent for how governments around the world manage their resources. But many at the conference expressed concerns that such legislation will end up benefiting a few wealthy elite while depriving local communities of their natural resources--all in the name of protecting the climate.

The REDD+ legislation--short for "reducing deforestation and forest degradation"--will require industrialized nations to pay developing nations to store carbon in their forests as well as manage them according to sustainable standards. Advocates say REDD+ will greatly benefit developing nations by helping to bring them out of poverty and end forest mismanagement.

Critics, however, say the legislation will do the exact opposite. By centralizing control of forest management, local communities and property owners in forest-rich nations like Brazil will be robbed of their resources, and a select few will have total control of these valuable resources.

The vast majority of Mexico's 64 million hectares of forest, for instance, are currently owned by rural communities and local landowners who manage them well. Climate change legislation that takes this control away and gives to centralized governments will only devastate these communities and open up the floodgates for corruption."  See the full article here:.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Why the Amazon River is at It's Lowest In Years.

The purple line is the Amazon proper, the blue lines are all its tributries.

Lately the current edition of "flat earthers" - sorry Anthropogenic (human caused) Global Warming pundits, are touting the fact that the Amazon River is flowing at it's lowest in years. They say this is more proof to back up their AGW claims.

Nothing could be further from the truth! But then, they don't deal in truth. Do they?

The Amazon Basin, the largest drainage basin in the world, covers about 40 percent of South America, an area of approximately 7,050,000 square kilometres (2,720,000 sq mi). It gathers its waters from 5 degrees north latitude to 20 degrees south latitude. Its most remote sources are found on the inter-Andean plateau, just a short distance from the Pacific Ocean.

Have a look on the map above at the number of tributries draining from the Andes Mountains into the Amazon.

The Andes are the world's longest continental mountain range. It is a continuous chain of highland along the western coast of South America. The range is over 7,000 km (4,300 mi) long, 200 km (120 mi) to 700 km (430 mi) wide (widest between 18° to 20°S latitude), and of an average height of about 4,000 m (13,000 ft).

The southern hemisphere has just had a bitterly cold winter. .

Now how much snow do you think this dumped on the Andes Mountains?

Snow is not rain so none would have flowed into the tributries! It is laying on the ground waiting for the spring thaw.

How many of the feeder streams into the tributries of the Amazon do you think froze over in this bitterly cold weather? 

Could this have affected the amount of water flowing in the Amazon?

Can you imagine all that snow and ice melting and flowing down into the Amazon?

A huge flood will result as  the weather warms in late spring, and guess what?

That's right, the latest edition of the flat earthers will blame the flood on humans caused global warming and that is what the mainstream media will print.

Now when you read it you will know it's bullshit!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

How the Truth Rarely Comes Out in the Mainstream Media - It's Called Propoganda!

Edward Bernays, the American nephew of Sigmund Freud, is said to have invented modern propaganda.  During the First World War, he was one of a group of influential liberals who mounted a secret government campaign to persuade reluctant Americans to send an army to the bloodbath in Europe.  

In his book Propaganda, published in 1928, Bernays wrote that the “intelligent manipulation of the organised habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society”, and that the manipulators “constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power in our country”.  Instead of propaganda, he coined the euphemism “public relations”.

The American tobacco industry hired Bernays to convince women that they should smoke in public.  By associating smoking with women’s liberation, he made cigarettes “torches of freedom.”  In 1954, he conjured a communist menace in Guatemala as an excuse for overthrowing the democratically elected government, whose social reforms were threatening the United Fruit Company’s monopoly of the banana trade.  He called it a “liberation”.

Eddie Bernays himself desperately craved fame and a place in history. During his lifetime he worked and schemed to be remembered as the founder of his profession and sometimes drew ridicule from his industry colleagues for his incessant self-promotions. 

Bernays was no rabid right-winger.  He was an elitist liberal who believed that “engineering public consent” was for the greater good.  This could be achieved by the creation of “false realities” which then became “news events”.  Here are examples of how it is done these days.

False reality The last US combat troops have left Iraq “as promised, on schedule”, according to President Barack Obama.  The TV news has been filled with cinematic images of the “last US soldiers”, silhouetted against the dawn light, crossing the border into Kuwait.

Fact They have not left.  At least 50,000 troops will continue to operate from 94 bases.  American air assaults are unchanged, as are special forces’ assassinations.  The number of “military contractors” is 100,000 and rising.  Most Iraqi oil is now under direct foreign control.

False reality It is not known how many Iraqis have died.  They are “countless”, or maybe “in the tens of thousands”.

Fact As a direct consequence of the Anglo-American-led invasion, a million Iraqis have died.  

To see more of how the news is manipulated go to the site of expatriate Australian journalist, John Pilger:

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


A damming report has highlighted questions over the credibility of a leading climate change body!

A high-level inquiry into the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change found there was “little evidence” for its claims about global warming.

It also said the panel had emphasised the negative impacts of climate change and made “substantive findings” based on little proof.

The review by the InterAcademy Council (IAC) was launched after the IPCC’s hugely embarrassing 2007 benchmark climate change report, which contained exaggerated and false claims that Himalayan glaciers could melt by 2035.

The panel was forced to admit its key claim in support of global warming was lifted from a 1999 magazine article. The report was based on an interview with a little-known Indian scientist who has since said his views were “speculation” and not backed by research.

Every day more and more proof emerges about the truth behind the climate change scam. 

However we still have The Greens insisting there will be a carbon tax now they are in bed with the Labor Party if they achieve government in Australia.

Do you wonder why these reports are not in the mainstream media?