Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Southern Hemisphere: It Has Not Warmed In Over 15 Years & Another Brutal Winter Is Happening,

In recent years, winters in the Southern Hemisphere have been especially miserable, and it is happening again in 2011 for multiple countries. Examples of the brutal winter weather abound, including: Peru, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, Argentina and Paraguay.

If global warming is actually happening, how is it that the Southern Hemisphere (S-H) winters are not becoming more mild as expected? (click on image to enlarge)
Southern Hemisphere zero global warming In reality, the S-H has not had any significant warming in over 15 years, and appears to be entering a cooling phase, which may explain the winter weather becoming worse.

The abovet chart reveals a flat linear trend (green line) for S-H temperatures that goes all the way back to March of 1996. That's over 15 years (through May 2011) that the data clearly show no significant and no material warming for 50% of the world.
The aqua fitted curve indicates the recent cooling trend being experienced.

In contrast to the real world, hard data of climate science, the alarmist claims of "unprecedented," "unequivocal" and "accelerating" global warming are outright false, and should be immediately dismissed as blatant propaganda. Although the die-hard cultists will never stop denying the lack of global warming, the scientific proponents of AGW are now finally admitting that global warming is not global, nor is it warming.

And still we have the Greens/Gillard government shovelling these lies down our throat, aided and abetted by a complicit media.

A media to a large degree owned by once Australian now Israeli citizen Murdoch. Yes, him of the phone hacking scandal! Yes, that phone hacking scandal where the journalist who tried to uncover it earlier has now been found dead!

These are some of the people trying to foist a carbon (dioxide) tax on Australians. A tax that Gillard claims cannot be rescinded but can be increased.

Increased not by the politicians we elect but by faceless public servants.

Don't you just love the direction in which we are headed?

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