Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How Insane Can Greening Get?

 Here is a report from the States on what can happen when the USA Environmental Protection Agency can't come to terms with a massive problem mostly of their (The EPA's) making!

Sit back, shake your head and just imagine it was Australia - because it soon will be!

“What happens if the government mandates the consumption of a product that doesn’t exist? 

Naturally, the Environmental Protection Agency has decided to punish the gasoline refiners because they can’t buy a type of alternative fuel that no one is making. 

Consumers will be punished too.

The 2007 energy bill vastly increased the volume of corn ethanol that must be blended into gasoline, though it also included mandates for cellulosic ethanol.  …
The EPA set the 2011 standard at six million gallons. Reality hasn’t cooperated. Zero gallons have been produced in the last six months and the corner isn’t visible over the next six months either.

The EPA has only approved a single plant to sell the stuff, … but it shut down its cellulosic operations earlier this year to work through technical difficulties!

In its wisdom, Congress decided that some companies should be penalized if the targets aren’t met.  …  U.S. oil refiners that make gasoline … will end up buying six million cellulosic waivers by year’s end at $1.13 a pop. That’s $6.78 million in higher costs to motorists at the pump, in return for nothing."

Now tell me this whole Green thingy isn't insane?

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