Monday, July 25, 2011

Greens: Let’s Have An Inquiry Into Laws to Silence Climate Sceptics!

This man can say whatever he likes about global warming without proof. However, if I wish to publish an article disagreeing with him, then the Greens say I should be denied that right!

"The Greens have never spelled out so clearly their demand for a new political censorship as deputy leader Christine Milne did last night:
The Murdoch press has been running a very strong campaign against action on climate change. The bias is extreme, in the Australian in particular. You’ll see column inch after column inch of every climate sceptic in the country…
You’ll find day after day a real attempt at regime change…
And one of the useful things about the hacking scandal in the UK is that It will lead to an inquiry into the media in Australia…
We are at least going to see some real discussion ...around issues such as the level of ownership and dominance of the Murdoch press in several capital cities in Australia. We’ll also have a look at a range of other issues including who are fit and proper people into into whether we need that test into people to be running media outlets…
It’s time we had a good inquiry and certainly bias is going to be one of the things that’s certainly to be looked at.
What a dangerous point we’ve come to that a party with such power over a government could propose something so extreme and hostile to free speech, and without any word of protest from an ABC audience. This really, without a word of exaggeration, is the first step to totalitarianism." 

A surprised Andrew notes that the ABC audience sat through this attack on free speech without a word of dissent toward M/s Milne's comments.

Don't be surprised Andrew, the audience would have been hand picked by an obviously biased ABC.

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