Friday, July 29, 2011

New NASA Data Blows Gaping Hole In Global Warming Alarmism

Now Juliar, Don't Worry About These Scientific Reports. Just Keep Pushing Uncle Bob's Green Agenda!

'NASA satellite data from the years 2000 through 2011 show the Earth’s atmosphere is allowing far more heat to be released into space than alarmist computer models have predicted, reports a new study in the peer-reviewed science journal Remote Sensing. 

The study indicates far less future global warming will occur than United Nations computer models have predicted, and supports prior studies indicating increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide trap far less heat than alarmists have claimed.'

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Greens - To Yellow to Admit They're Red.

Current Czech President 70 year old Vaclav Klaus is an economist who fought against communism and  has twice been elected as Czech President and is its former prime minister and is one of the most important figures in post-communist Europe.

His experiences under totalitarian rule have made him exquisitely alert to the erosion of democratic freedoms.

 He said environmentalists had been arguing for decades that we should reduce our consumption of fossil fuels, using various farcical ploys from the exhaustion of natural resources to the threat of "imminent mass poverty and starvation for billions".

Those same environmentalists shamelessly talk now about dangerous global warming.

"They don't care about resources or poverty or pollution."

"They hate us, the humans. They consider us dangerous and sinful creatures who must be controlled by them."

"I used to live in a similar world called communism. And I know it led to the worst environmental damage the world has ever experienced."

In a Hobart casino Greens senator Christine Milne was unilaterally announcing, on ABC-TV's Q&A show, that the Government would be conducting an inquiry into the section of the Australian media that she finds "extreme(ly) bias(ed) against action on climate change". Basically if it doesnt agree with their Green (read communist) ideology, then it cannot be seen on mainstream media. Or any media for that matter because the Greens have plans to censor the Internet also.

Milne's every illiberal pronouncement was greeted with applause by an audience that seemed full of tree huggers, bearded public servants and other recipients of government largesse, about the only growth industry left in Tasmania.

Klaus, on the other hand, was speaking to an audience of economic liberals and climate change realists invited by the Institute of Public Affairs, the Melbourne-based free-market think tank.

"Twenty years ago we still felt threatened by the remnants of communism. This is really over," Klaus said.
"I feel threatened now, not by global warming -- I don't see any -- (but) by the global warming doctrine, which I consider a new dangerous attempt to control and mastermind my life and our lives, in the name of controlling the climate or temperature."

The Young Communist Movement, also known as GetUp! has filed a complaint with the Australian Communications and Media Authority about statements made by Alan Jones on 2GB about climate change.

So I assume the ACMA will also be investigating the outright lies and falsehoods in the carbon dioxide adverts?

No, because political advertising is exempt from regulation and they can say what they like. Will they be investigating the ABC for not providing enough balance on the climate debate, and broadcasting Tim Flannery's apocalyptic nonsense?

Will Flannery be required to acknowledge his statements about Australia running out of water were wrong and promise not to repeat them?

Where were The Young Communists, sorry GetUp, when Flannery made his outrageous untruths?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How Insane Can Greening Get?

 Here is a report from the States on what can happen when the USA Environmental Protection Agency can't come to terms with a massive problem mostly of their (The EPA's) making!

Sit back, shake your head and just imagine it was Australia - because it soon will be!

“What happens if the government mandates the consumption of a product that doesn’t exist? 

Naturally, the Environmental Protection Agency has decided to punish the gasoline refiners because they can’t buy a type of alternative fuel that no one is making. 

Consumers will be punished too.

The 2007 energy bill vastly increased the volume of corn ethanol that must be blended into gasoline, though it also included mandates for cellulosic ethanol.  …
The EPA set the 2011 standard at six million gallons. Reality hasn’t cooperated. Zero gallons have been produced in the last six months and the corner isn’t visible over the next six months either.

The EPA has only approved a single plant to sell the stuff, … but it shut down its cellulosic operations earlier this year to work through technical difficulties!

In its wisdom, Congress decided that some companies should be penalized if the targets aren’t met.  …  U.S. oil refiners that make gasoline … will end up buying six million cellulosic waivers by year’s end at $1.13 a pop. That’s $6.78 million in higher costs to motorists at the pump, in return for nothing."

Now tell me this whole Green thingy isn't insane?

Oh Shit! - Major IPCC Climate Scientist Publishes Paper Listing Significant Failures of Climate Models

Don't Want You To Know This Information and Propose a Censorship Ban!

Kevin Trenberth, like so many of his IPCC AGW-comrades recently, is finally admitting there exists many shortcomings and failures in the global warming "consensus" science.

In Trenberth's case, he body slams the climate models, which all the alarmist catastrophic predictions are based on.

Specifically, Trenberth takes issue with the climate models' inadequacies in regards to precipitation. Such as:
  • "...all models contain large errors in precipitation simulations, both in terms of mean fields and their annual cycle, as well as their characteristics: the intensity, frequency, and duration of precipitation..."
  • "...relates to poor depiction of transient tropical disturbances, including easterly waves, Madden-Julian Oscillations, tropical storms, and hurricanes..."
  • "...confidence in model results for changes in extremes is tempered by the large scatter among the extremes in modeling today's climate, especially in the tropics and subtropics..."
  • " appears that many, perhaps all, global climate and numerical weather prediction models and even many high-resolution regional models have a premature onset of convection and overly frequent precipitation with insufficient intensity,..."
  • "...model-simulated precipitation "occurs prematurely and too often, and with insufficient intensity, resulting in recycling that is too large..."
  • "...a lifetime of moisture in the atmosphere that is too short, which affects runoff and soil moisture..."
  • and finally, he has a NSS moment..."major challenges remain to improve model simulations of the hydrological cycle."
Sooo, climates models can't do precipitation (rain/snow/hail). That's not much of a surprise to skeptics, plus it is widely known throughout the scientific world that climate models are also unable to do: water vapor, wind, clouds, ocean oscillations, atmospheric oscillations, ocean currents, polar ice sheets, positive feedback, negative feedback, climate sensitivity, aerosol impacts, submerged volcano impacts, solar/cosmic impacts, monsoons/hurricanes/typhoons, ocean heat, missing heat, missing CO2, minimum surface temperatures, maximum surface temperatures, regional warming/cooling, and of course, global warming, which is Trenberth's personal brass ring travesty.

Clearly, the climate models themselves are travesties, which the IPCC's lead dogs are finally starting to turn on. Although Trenberth shows some courage in publicly admitting a major (billions of dollars) climate science failure, he will likely resort to his true self in the near future to make amends to the green radical fringe.

Additional climate-model postings.

Many thanks to C3 Headlines

Monday, July 25, 2011

Greens: Let’s Have An Inquiry Into Laws to Silence Climate Sceptics!

This man can say whatever he likes about global warming without proof. However, if I wish to publish an article disagreeing with him, then the Greens say I should be denied that right!

"The Greens have never spelled out so clearly their demand for a new political censorship as deputy leader Christine Milne did last night:
The Murdoch press has been running a very strong campaign against action on climate change. The bias is extreme, in the Australian in particular. You’ll see column inch after column inch of every climate sceptic in the country…
You’ll find day after day a real attempt at regime change…
And one of the useful things about the hacking scandal in the UK is that It will lead to an inquiry into the media in Australia…
We are at least going to see some real discussion ...around issues such as the level of ownership and dominance of the Murdoch press in several capital cities in Australia. We’ll also have a look at a range of other issues including who are fit and proper people into into whether we need that test into people to be running media outlets…
It’s time we had a good inquiry and certainly bias is going to be one of the things that’s certainly to be looked at.
What a dangerous point we’ve come to that a party with such power over a government could propose something so extreme and hostile to free speech, and without any word of protest from an ABC audience. This really, without a word of exaggeration, is the first step to totalitarianism." 

A surprised Andrew notes that the ABC audience sat through this attack on free speech without a word of dissent toward M/s Milne's comments.

Don't be surprised Andrew, the audience would have been hand picked by an obviously biased ABC.

Climate Common Sense: Wind Farms Blow up Electricity Costs in NSW

Climate Common Sense: Wind Farms Blow up Electricity Costs in NSW

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Southern Hemisphere: It Has Not Warmed In Over 15 Years & Another Brutal Winter Is Happening,

In recent years, winters in the Southern Hemisphere have been especially miserable, and it is happening again in 2011 for multiple countries. Examples of the brutal winter weather abound, including: Peru, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, Argentina and Paraguay.

If global warming is actually happening, how is it that the Southern Hemisphere (S-H) winters are not becoming more mild as expected? (click on image to enlarge)
Southern Hemisphere zero global warming In reality, the S-H has not had any significant warming in over 15 years, and appears to be entering a cooling phase, which may explain the winter weather becoming worse.

The abovet chart reveals a flat linear trend (green line) for S-H temperatures that goes all the way back to March of 1996. That's over 15 years (through May 2011) that the data clearly show no significant and no material warming for 50% of the world.
The aqua fitted curve indicates the recent cooling trend being experienced.

In contrast to the real world, hard data of climate science, the alarmist claims of "unprecedented," "unequivocal" and "accelerating" global warming are outright false, and should be immediately dismissed as blatant propaganda. Although the die-hard cultists will never stop denying the lack of global warming, the scientific proponents of AGW are now finally admitting that global warming is not global, nor is it warming.

And still we have the Greens/Gillard government shovelling these lies down our throat, aided and abetted by a complicit media.

A media to a large degree owned by once Australian now Israeli citizen Murdoch. Yes, him of the phone hacking scandal! Yes, that phone hacking scandal where the journalist who tried to uncover it earlier has now been found dead!

These are some of the people trying to foist a carbon (dioxide) tax on Australians. A tax that Gillard claims cannot be rescinded but can be increased.

Increased not by the politicians we elect but by faceless public servants.

Don't you just love the direction in which we are headed?

Friday, July 22, 2011

UN May Switch Blue Helmets to Green, Then Launch Climate Change Peacekeeping Wars!

'The United Nations may soon announce that merely by changing the color of its soldiers' helmets from blue to green, it can intervene in the business of sovereign nations under the guise of so-called "climate change peacekeeping."

As you consider this, keep in mind that the current bombing of infrastructure in Libya is also brazenly called "peacekeeping." In fact, there's hardly a military campaign that's been conducted in the last hundreds years that wasn't sold to the public as a way to create "peace."

Now, the UN is on the verge of "waging peace" wearing green helmets instead of blue helmets. The invocation of all things "green," it seems, provides justification for just about anything these days... including war.'

Read more: UN May Switch Blue Helmets to Green, Then Launch Climate Change Peacekeeping Wars

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Global Warming Causes Chilian Cold Snap! Wank, Wank.

That Is Snow Up To The Eaves Of Houses!

President Sebastián Piñera declared much of La Araucania in Chilean Patagonia, disaster areas on Wednesday, as four days of non-stop snowfall have isolated the region’s predominantly rural communities and wreaked havoc on basic utilities.

Intermittent since Sunday, the snowfall has piled as high as nine feet in some areas. Although this part of the country is no stranger to the cold weather, Piñera described the current polar front as the worst the region has seen in 30 years.

Mayor Guillermo Vásquez told local press on Wednesday that temperatures had plunged to -23 degrees Celsius (-9.4 degrees Fahrenheit) in some of the more rural areas.

I can't wait to see the warmists explain this one!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Green Politicians Decide Australia Doesn't Need Small Towns!

South Australian Greens Senator Sarah Henson-Young and Greens South Australian MP Mark Parnell, said yesterday that “small towns that are based entirely on fossil fuels probably won't exist."

So the crowd that is currently running the country have decided we don't need small regional towns!

I wonder how the people of small towns like, say Bermagui, feel about this. These Australians need fossil fuels to drive anywhere unless they own solar cars (never seen one yet). There is very little public transport in Bermagui. Perhaps the Greens think the people of Bermagui can ride their pushbikes into Narooma to do their shopping and the local fishermen can use rowboats to check their offshore traps.

Oopps! Sorry, I forgot that under the Greens there will be no fishing as the whole coastline of Australia will be Marine Reserve.

All the coal fired power stations will cease to exist under the Green Dream thereby bringing about massive power shortages when the sun doesn't shine and the winds cease blowing. 

Now I understand how the Greens will bring about their aim of making small towns cease to exist.

A big cheer Bermagui for the Greens /Labor Government that have consigned your town and thousands more like it all over Australia to the dustbin of history in their Green (Wet) dream!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

WOW! Gore the Climate Whore Bursts Into Lies - Again.

The following is from a press release issued last week by Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project (backup link here):
During the 24 Hours of Reality event, people all around the globe living with the impacts of climate change will connect the dots between recent extreme weather events — including floods, droughts and storms — and the manmade pollution that is changing our climate. [bold added]
I guess all the well-intentioned people associated with that brand new campaign missed the blog post by environmental studies professor Roger Pielke Jr. in February that declared:
What seems obvious is sometime just wrong. This of course is why we actually do research…Connecting the dots is fun, but it is not science. [bold added]
Pielke thinks climate change is a concern. He thinks we should strive to decarbonize our energy supply. But he is a person of integrity. And since there’s currently no evidence to support the simple-minded linking of natural disasters to CO2 emissions he says so.

In 2006 Pielke helped organize an international workshop on climate change and disasters such as floods and storms. Twenty-four papers were presented at the workshop, spanning a range of analyses and opinions. In the end, after two days of discussion and debate, the participants jointly agreed to a series of consensus statements.

According to these experts, there is currently no evidence that human-generated greenhouse gas emissions are making storms – or floods – worse. Moreover, they think it’s unlikely such evidence will become available in “the near future.”

So why, in the name of heaven, is Al Gore now spending time and money on a campaign that claims the exact opposite?

Climate Change Scientists Told, " It Doesn't Fit the Agenda So You Are Forbidden to Discuss It!

Head of the world’s leading physics lab has issued a gag order preventing scientists from stating their interpretation of a study that links historical climate changes to cosmic rays.

For years now scientists and physicists have presented study after study showing data, along with their personal interpretations, supporting the hypothesis that the alleged global warming phenomenon is due to man-made environmental factors affecting climate change.

Now, a major scientific experiment was conducted to study the interaction between cosmic rays and cloud formation, reveals that historical climate patterns coincide with the penetration of cosmic rays into the earth’s atmosphere. 

However, the Chief of world’s leading physics lab at CERN in Geneva, who conducted the study, has prohibited scientists from presenting their own interpretations of the CLOUD experiment.'
The UK’s Register suggests one reason that the “gag order” may have been issued is because the experiment invites a politically unacceptable hypothesis on climate change, or to say it another way, the study shows that Global Warming may not be a human caused phenomenon.

Under any interpretation the data can simply not be ignored since the study reveals that at the least cosmic rays play some part in climate change and global warming. Assuming that global warming is is occurring, the question of whether cosmic rays are the sole cause or just a contributing factor along with man-made and other issues is really just a red herring.

The real issue here is why are scientist being ordered not to give interpretations of data that would suggest a theory that contradicts the politically popular view? 

Is science not allowed to suggest an alternate hypothesis to the man-made global warming theory even when the data shows otherwise?
Science needs to be factually unbiased and provide information that is independent of politics. Please note Tim Flannery!

Many critics of global warming, and the theory it is man-made, already believe the studies supporting it have been fabricated for politicians who paid for skewed data by way of grants so they can push through their own political agendas.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Labor – Now a Minor Party Full of Spin and Lies!

Doncha love her as she walkin' round our streets,
Tellin' lies to everyon she meets.
Doncha love her madly,
Shoulda neutered her daddy.
Doncha love her as she walkin' round our streets,
With her carbon tax gettin' further outta reach!

Apologies to mighty The Doors!

It seems the Labor desperates only want one thing and they are happy to sacrifice their party to get it – a carbon tax. The head of Australia's largest blue collar union, Paul Howes, yesterday provided a much-needed fillip for the Gillard government by endorsing its carbon tax. 
The endorsement by the Australian Workers Union came just weeks after AWU national secretary Paul Howes vowed to oppose the impost if it cost a single worker's job. I wonder what Gillard has promised Howes for such a dramatic switch?
Guess the UN must be leaning pretty heavy on the Labor party, promising them all sorts of things like post electoral wipe-out positions with the UN. (You know the positions that KRudd spends tens of millions of our money trying to win, guess he wanted to follow in Tony Blair and Bill Clinton’s footsteps).

Meanwhile as the electorate says resoundingly it does not want this tax Labor just keeps pushing ahead. As polling indicates Labor is now in a diabolical position (26% primary vote – the lowest of any major party in history in Australia) in terms of the polls, Gillard says
Democracy is not one long opinion poll,”
Pardon – isnt democracy where the people have a say in Government  and yet this government is doing everything it can to ignore the people.

Yes! I am Laughing at You Dickheads Who Voted For Me.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Moonbat Socialist Redhead Born in UK Sinks Aussie Economy.

$24.5 billion is too bloody much, too bloody much by far, for Australia to pay for the privilege of reducing the world’s temperature, by 2020, by 1/4000th of a degree.

Yeah, you read it right - 1/4000th of a degree.

Now why hasn't Juliar or the other idiots of the ALP told us that?

Down in my neck of the woods, Wollongong, we had two Labor controlled local government councils removed by a State ALP government and replaced with administrators! So how bad must these councils have been to be removed by their colleauges?

The Labor controlled Wollongong Council was removed because ICAC found corruption was endemic.

The Labor controlled Shellharbour Council was removed for incompetance. There were also some very shady dealings here as well.

Now the new state government has decided that it is time democracy was returned to the constituants and dates are set for an election.

Whoopee! The Labor Party rats are now coming out of the sewers and claiming that in Shellharbour it was the independants who caused the incompentancies even though the Labor councillors held outright control of the council! It gets even more hilarous! The removed Labor Party mayor who got a right bollocking over his lack of control of council meetings in the report that led to the removal of his council, has now decided that his wife will now head the Labor Party ticket at the elections! This will guarantee her the Mayoral Chain.

The other three people in the phonebox where local ALP meetings are held must have OK'd this. Now don't you just love the idiocy of it all? However the really sad part is that the Labor Party will probably win control of Shellharbour Council. The ALP could run the devil himself in Shellharbour and he would be assured of election!

Another interesting development is that the failed Greens candidate at the State election has decided he and his wife will run as, wait for it, independants. The Greens are not real popular down here because of the carbon dioxide tax. If either of them are successful you can bet their Green side will quickly emerge.

Oh the joy of party politics!

So you see lies and dishonesty are not the sole realm of the federal ALP

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Will Gillard Go Down as the Stupidist Prime Minister in History?

One Down - One To Go!

Julia Gillard's desperate fight to stay Prime Minister is moving into the realms of fantasy. She cannot/will not say how much her carbon dioxide tax will cool the planet (maybe because it won't!). 

She has not told us how much of the tax we will pay to her government will actually go to the UN. 

She has denied making the no carbon tax promise saying things have changed and the voting public knew she always wanted a carbon tax so they should have known what she would do. Every day more lies and deceit come out.

All her troubles can be traced back to her absoloute greed to hang onto power regardless and form a minority government with the Greens and a couple of independants who know they are rotten meat in the next election. 

She will do whatever Bob Brown and the Greens tell her to do. She got the Labor Party into bed with the devil and there ain't no getting out until the sorry deed is consummated.. And what is worse ole Bob isn't even wearing a condom! The STD that will result from this despicable union will infect us all and we didn't even enjoy the bollocking!

Sort of reminds me of the yarn about the Yank, the Pom, and the Aussie arguing about who had the toughest people.

The Yank said "We had a marine during the Iraq war who got his guts blown out but he fought on for two hours. So beat that!""

The Pom said "That's nothing, we had a soldier fighting in Afghanistan who got his brains shot out by a sniper but, with no brain, still managed to kill the sniper and fight on for four hours. So beat that!"

The good old Aussie stood there scratching his head for a few minutes as the Yank and the Pom waited for him to reply. 

Then he said "Well fellas, that's pretty impressive but I think I got you both. We got a woman in Australia with no guts and no brains and she's been running the country for twelve months."

Will This Be Australia's Fate Also Under a Carbon Dioxide Tax?

A US tent city.

Economic despair is beginning to spread rapidly in America.  As you read this, there are millions of American families that are just barely hanging on by their fingernails.  For a growing number of Americans, it has become an all-out battle just to be able to afford to sleep under a roof and put a little bit of food on the table.  Sadly, there are more people than ever that are losing that battle.  

Tonight, tens of thousands of formerly middle class Americans will be sleeping in their cars, even though that is illegal in many U.S. cities.  Tens of thousands of others will be sleeping in tent cities or on the streets.  Meanwhile, communities all over America are passing measures that are meant to push tent cities and homeless people out of their areas.  It turns out that once you lose your job and your home in this country you become something of an outcast.  Sadly, the number of "outcasts" is going to continue to grow as the U.S. economy continues to collapse.

Most Americans that end up living in their cars on in tent cities never thought that it would happen to them.

Once you are down on your luck in America you will quickly find that authorities will try to take everything else you still have away from you.

The United States can be a very brutal place to be if you are poor.

All over America, communities are making tent cities illegal or they are simply just chasing them away. It turns out that many Americans really don't like large numbers of homeless people camping out in their neighborhoods. But many of those now living in tent cities used to be just like you and me.

What is being done to tent cities in some areas of the country is absolutely disgusting. For example, who could ever forget this video of police in St. Petersburg, Florida using box cutters to slash up the tents of the homeless....

What goes through your mind when you watch something like that? If you don't feel at least a little bit of compassion for those people then something is wrong.

You never know - you may one day be forced to take refuge in a tent city.

In many U.S. cities, it is even illegal to sleep on the street.  If you are homeless I am not sure what you are supposed to do.  In some areas of the U.S. you can't sleep in your car, you can't sleep in a tent city and you can't sleep on the street.
Poverty is absolutely exploding in America.  The number of Americans that are going to food pantries and soup kitchens has increased by 46% since 2006.  There are 44 million Americans on food stamps.  If it was not for measures like these, the streets of America would be filled with destitute people.

Things are tough out there and they are about to get tougher.At the beginning of next year, the extended unemployment benefits that have been helping the unemployed during this economic downturn will expire.  Up to now, many unemployed Americans have been able to enjoy up to 99 weeks of unemployment benefits.  Now that is coming to an end.

Well, it turns out that, similar to what is happening in Australia and will more so under a carbon tax, millions of American jobs have been shipped overseas where the labor is far, far cheaper and it is really starting to catch up with the US economy and people.
Sound familar? The only event saving Australia is our export mining industry, mainly coal exports to China and The Greens/Gillard government are hell bent on closing coal mining down.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Truth and Balance

The anti carbon dioxide tax blogers are doing their bit in trying to shake mainstream Australia out of their apathy and get some truth and balance into the debate. 
"Truth and balance"?

They are the two major ingredients that Julia Gillard and the Australian media continually fail to bring into the carbon dioxide tax debate.

I would like to share one of those blogs with you.

If there is any doubt about this carbon tax simple being a social re-engineering tax then consider the following from an ex Labor voter;
It’s not just a slight overcompensation to build in a margin of error, either: according to the government’s own publication, some households would be compensated in excess of 400 per cent of the anticipated costs. This clearly goes beyond the scope of the Carbon tax and into more wholesale economic reform, and it is economic reform that reflects the core beliefs of the Labor Party“.
The author Erin Riley fleshes it out in even more worrying detail;

These are not minor changes. The reforms will take one million Australians out of the income tax system, and will compensate some citizens well in excess of the anticipated cost of the program. An individual Senior on $30k a year will incur an anticipated additional $281 in costs, but get $1,000 in assistance. A single income couple with three dependents and a taxable income of $35,000 a year will get $1,017 in benefits, but should anticipate $480 in additional costs. Meanwhile, an individual with an income of $75,000 a year will receive $140 in benefits to $417 in additional costs.

And more salient comments from Ms Riley;

Selling redistribution under the guise of environmentalism is disingenuous, to say the least. In failing to provide a carbon tax bill free of a clearly redistributive economic agenda that fundamentally and substantially shifts the tax burden, the Labor Party has shown where its agenda really is, and why it is not a party of moderation“.

But then the UN has always said that ‘global warming’ was simply about wealth distribution. You have to listen to that German economist Ottmar Edenhofer, who is co-chair of the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) Working Group III on Mitigation of Climate Change said;
“climate policy is redistributing the world’s wealth” and that “it’s a big mistake to discuss climate policy separately from the major themes of globalization.”

Even more illuminating is the following;
The only way to reduce global emissions enough, while allowing poor nations to continue to grow, is to halt economic growth in the rich world over the next twenty years. To achieve this, politicians should consider a rationing system similar to the one introduced during Britain’s last “time of crisis,” during the 1930s and 1940s“.

The Courier Mail reports;
The carbon tax is nothing about cooling the planet; it is everything about wealth redistribution“. The carbon tax is socialism by deceit.
This multi billion dollar climate tax will do absolutely nothing for the climate whilst creating an Australian socialist economy that penalises hard work. At the same time Gillard is using this tax to create a huge, expensive, green government and give billion dollar funding a foreign power – the UN and their socialist global governance aims. Australians have been shut out of having any say on the redirection of their country and this attack on their rights, their freedoms, their wealth and their financial and political system.

See the full post here.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Juliar Wins Lotto - With a Little Help!

 "Ouch! Which One of you Little Bastards Left the Barbie Doll on my Chair?"

Our dishonest Prime Minister tells us for the next few weeks she will be "wearing out shoe leather" getting around the country in an all out bid to convince the country her carbon dioxide tax "is right for Australia". 

Reportedly she has told her staff she does not want it to be "stage managed" as there is no point in "preaching to the converted".

Well the very first house on the non stage managed tour just happens to be one of the few families in Australia who are carbon dioxide tax supporters! 

How bloody amazing! 

With 84% of Australians not wanting a bar of her carbon dioxide tax how does she just manages to walk straight into a house of carbon dioxide tax supporters on this non stage managed tour?

Lotto winning luck?

No, sorry! Not that lucky.

The Cochrane family of 10 Monaro Place, Emu Plains were hand picked after M/s Gillard turned to local Labor MP David Bradbury to find an average family she would like to meet! I have not been able to determine yet if the Cochranes are members of the Labor party.

Another dishonesty by a prolific liar!

If M/s Gillard had gone to the house next door, or across the street, or down the road she would have found some of those 84% she says she wants to convince rather than preaching to the converted.

Mother-of-two Sarah Jenkins at number 3 said the tax was going to put more unnecessary pressure on struggling families.
“Both my husband and I have worked hard all our life. We’ve never received any government benefits and now we are the ones paying more,” Mrs Jenkins said.
“We don’t get a pay rise, we will just have to sacrifice one more thing to get by.”

Next door neighbour Elias Ibrahim slammed the impost as “a stupid policy”.
“Until China and the bigger polluters contribute, taxing us isn’t doing anything to tackle climate change,” the IT professional said.

At No. 7, train driver Troy Fotheringham said Labor had lost his vote.
“I’ve always been a Labor voter but this is a killer. This is not something we should be leading the world with,” he said. “We have a young family and it’s extra costs.”

Of the 11 houses in the street, only one other resident was in support - and only just. pensioner Stephen Buttress said: “As long as we don’t pay too much it’s not that bad. We should give see how it goes. If it doesn’t work, we can vote her out.”

How can you believe a word this woman says?

The First Holy Day of the New Climate Religion - Carbon Sunday.

JoNova does some of the number crunching on just how ridiculous this carbon tax is.

Barking Mad — a Nation Howling at Fireflies

"You don’t need to study any numbers to know it doesn’t add up. The statistical chicanery in a patchwork tax, with a complex compo plan, and offsets, subsidies, and a$10 billion renewable energy* Christmas wish list is as complex as a climate model.  But this time no one is saying “it’s settled”, and is seriously expecting to get their extra 20 cents a week.


Lost among the bedazzling array of numbers are one pair of figures that put the central dumbness of this plan on display.

Australians will pay about $10 billion* a year in carbon fees, overachieving their European competitors who only paid $2.6 billion over, wait for it, six whole years. On a per capita basis the numbers are stark. While Europeans chip in 96 cents a year, Australian’s will be told to pay $500.

The bottom line — figure this — is that we as a nation have “decided” to voluntarily^ pay somewhere from 2 – 5 times as much for our energy, and there are no cheap “technologies” on the horizon unless someone somewhere discovers them (and they’ve been looking for decades). Julia Gillard tried to compare this to other major economic moves like floating the dollar. But those big moves had selling points known as “benefits”.
Let’s list all  the advantages, both of them, from this masochistic macroeconomics move:
  1. It will reduce global man made human emissions for the next eight years from 64,000 mt to just 63,840 mt (roughly). (I can’t see people opting to pay much for that).
  2. It will rocket Australia to the top spot on the IPCC’s Miss-Popularity National Rankings.
Yes, we have earned the death-defying Kamikazee-Sovereign-Economy award for 2011. (Competition closed early. There’s no point waiting til Dec 31. ) This will come in handy for some ALP personnel wishing to move onto UN unelected positions after the next election, but otherwise be generally a source of mirth for non-Australians.

The Australian share market took the news of the economic suicide gracefully, losing only $7 billion dollars in the first day. (And that tallies up only the top 25 companies which are going to cop the big carbon-speeding-ticket.)

Julie Novak explains the rise of the Carbonocrats (also known as the Green Police).
Michael Stutchbury, Economics Editor, The Australian, thinks it will be a miracle if the package survives.
Labor’s support falls again in the polls. And while I’ve generously pro rata’d the total revenue estimate to be $10b, Wong guessed $18 b, Pyne guessed $21 b and apparently, the number is really $25 billion. Who knew? Not the ALP finance minister eh?.

Don’t forget to keep reminding those Labor Marginal Seats of their new favourite piece of legislation. There are groups forming in Greenway and La Trobe, so let us know if you want to join them, or start a new group elsewhere.

Me, I just wish we were spending $25 billion on medical research instead. What would you rather have?  A cure for cancer or second hand windmill made in China?
* (The massive $10b renewable energy plan is now known as the Brown Bank).
** The Minerals Council calculated the tithe collected in the name of carbon would be around $11 b per annum at $25/ton, which translates to about $10 b at $23/t.
^ Voluntary: as in upon threat of incarceration."

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Climate "scientists": 95 Percent of People Fry to Death at 20 °C!

Here is a reprint of an article from The Reference Frame.

"The Sydney Morning Herald has discussed what happens when the global mean temperature increases by 4 °C:

    Too hot to handle: can we afford a 4-degree rise?

Kevin Anderson, a director of a Tyndall Centre somewhere in the U.K., sees it in this way:

    "If you have got a population of 9 billion by 2050 and you hit 4 degrees, 5 degrees or 6 degrees, you might have half a billion people surviving."

So the population will happily continue to rise to 9 billion by 2050. Suddenly, the global mean temperature will apparently jump from 15 °C to 20 °C, we're told, and 8.5 billion people will suddenly die because 20 °C is surely deadly.

I wonder whether those loons actively realize what they are saying - and what their colleagues are saying - and whether at least some of them know that the likes of Mr Anderson are mentally ill.

Needless to say, there doesn't exist any empirically based reason to think that the temperature change in the next 40 years will exceed something like 0.5 °C - see all RSS cooling and warming trends (which imply that the very sign of the future temperature changes are unknown) - so five degrees is already an overestimate by one order of magnitude.

However, if the planet were warmer by 5 °C, just imagine this nonsense for the sake of it, we could notice the difference but we would surely see no substantial death rate. In fact, that's about the point at which the warm-weather-related deaths would match the cold-weather-related deaths. At this point, the number of temperature-related deaths would probably be minimized. That's not a shocking insight - after all, 20 °C is the temperature we like in our living rooms - I actually favor 23 °C but it is not far - so if this is also chosen to be the global mean temperature, the planet will surely become more comfortable than it is now.

But it's amazing that those people don't realize how little 4 °C is for our planet. Every year, the seasons change the temperature at every place away from the equator by dozens of degrees. Every 24 hours, we experience a day-night temperature difference comparable to 4 °C, too. The different places on the globe differ, too:

Put in a nutshell, what this "climate scientist" is saying is that if 100 people move from Hobart, Tasmania to Cooktown, Queensland then 95 of them will not survive the transition. This is because Cooktowns mean temperature, according to the above diagram, is more then 20 degrees C!

This is the calibre of the "experts" that Julia Gillard has based her "science is settled" carbon tax on.

A cooling by 5 °C would have a higher impact because ice sheets would begin to grow at many places which would change the environment "qualitatively": that's why the ice ages were pretty different. But that's only because on the downside, we're pretty close to a phase transition, the freezing point of water, 0 °C, when certain important things change discontinuously.

However, the continental ice sheets have been gone for thousands of years and we're extremely far from the next similar point, the boiling point of water at 100 °C. So you can't be shocked that an increase of the temperature by an extra 5 °C will make no qualitative difference to the Earth. It would be indisputably measurable if it occurred - unlike the controversial increases by 0.6 or 0.8 °C attributed to the last century - but "measurable" doesn't imply "worrisome".

I have discussed those points many times, see e.g. 13 °C of warming would be fine for life.

After a stream of preposterous statements how the Earth and maybe the Milky Way would collapse if the temperatures grew by 4 °C, another alarmist called David Spratt makes the following punch line of the article:

    ‘And we are talking about how we might adapt to a 4-degree warmer world,’’ Spratt wrote. ‘‘Have we gone mad?’

Well, you surely have. There is absolutely no problem for humans and others to move from 15 °C to 20 °C and there is no reason to even talk about the question how they will adapt. The only adaptation will be done by the farmers - and the adaptation will simply be that they don't have to work so much to get the same results.

Do you find it hard to imagine a world that is warmer by 4 °C? How will all the layers of the atmosphere, oceans, and ecosystems react? Well, this may be a hard homework exercise to calculate but there's a simple way to solve it: look at the map above and find a place that is 4 °C warmer than the place where you currently live. Think about the ways how the ecosystems, people, and economies can survive over there today - and you will understand how your place would be doing if the temperature increased by ten times more than it can realistically increase.

Nothing would change much."

Friday, July 8, 2011

Latest Satellite Data of Global Lower Tropospheric Temperature Changes

Double click on the graph to bring it up to full page.

Greens Plan to Close Coal Industry Within 10 Years!

The Greens - Traitors to All Things Australian

It is the Greens policy to close down the coal industry, mainly the coal mines and they also want to restrict or end other mining. But what does this really mean to Australia and our economy if this did happen.
The Australian reports that,
SHUTTING down the Australian coal industry would cost the economy between $29 billion and $36bn a year and have no effect on global carbon emission levels.
In a report commissioned by the Minerals Council of Australia, savages the Greens’ coal policy, saying the industry saved Australia from having three negative quarters of economic growth during the global financial crisis.
And they say coal exports continue to outperform other exports in the Australian economy, underpinning economic growth.
The report also warns that Australia’s share of the international export market in coal is falling and that Australia’s export growth in the commodity has failed to keep pace with that of competitors.

The Telegraph reports,
THE Greens’ plans to close down Australia’s coal industry within 10 years would cost the economy up to $36 billion a year.
A report, commissioned by the Minerals Council, also claims the plan would cost 200,000 jobs and deliver a direct hit in revenue to the federal budget of about $6 billion.

And a fantastic interview on the ABC’s Midday report with Mitch Hook the CEO of the Minerals Council of Australia, I strongly suggest watching the interview in full  as it is so good but have transcribed a timeline the highlights below.(29/June/2011)

Timeline highlighs of interview:
0:25 “….The Green’s real agenda, which is to introduce a tax on the industry that will tax it out of existence….“
1:15 “… (Mining) companies are investing 98% of the revenues their generating back here in Australia….”
1:29 Xstrata has invested $54billion, Rio Tinto has invested $37billion & BHP Billiton has invested $80billion in Australia
2:40 “in the decade to 2009 we Paid in excess of  $80billion in royalties and taxes…”
3:20 (Australia) we’ve only got 6% of the world’s coal reserves……and companies will invest where they can get the best returns…….”
3:45 “the numbers don’t add up when there are better alternatives in other countries”
Ending or reducing the coal & mining industry in Australia would clearly lead to economic ruin and still not change the climate or reduce the temperature of planet Earth.
By Adam at wakeup2thelies

Just what are these green idiots up to and how come so many good Australian people voted for them?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

49 of the 50 Businesses Who Signed for a "Clean Energy Future" By Way of a Carbon Tax are Clean Energy Companies

The Sydney Morning Herald reported
More than 50 companies including GE, AGL and The Body Shop have signed a statement backing a price on carbon.
source: SMH | 6/July/2011
But 49 of the 50+ businesses who signed a letter/campaign for a “clean” energy future & economy are “clean” energy companies. See the full list of signatories to the letter from the source: Companies here and Groups here  
Below I have made the business names clickable in red so you can see what they do
Signatory companies directly related to renewable energy & climate change;
  1.  Alstom  (makers of  wind turbines see link)
  2. Adelaide Solar Safe
  3. AquaGen Technologies
  4. ARUP 
  5. Banarra 
  6. Better place 
  7. Big Switch Projects  
  8. Carbon Advantage Asia Pacific 
  9.  Carbon Trade Xchange 
  10. Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited 
  11. Climate Friendly 
  12. Combined Force Solar 
  13. Consult Australia
  14. East River Software
  15. Ecosave
  16. European Green Exchange 
  17. Ferrostaal Group (provide wind turbine service and maintenance)
  18. Fronius
  19. GE Energy (build wind turbines)
  20. Goldwind
  21. Hydro Tasmania 
  22. Infigen Enegy
  23. Intelligent Pathways
  24. International River Foundation (environmental group)
  25. Johnson Controls 
  26. MEA
  27. NeoPower
  28. Pacific Hydro 
  29. Pacific Solar
  30. Pan Pacific Solar
  31. Pangolin Associates
  32. Pin Point Earth
  33. RES Australia
  34. Reemerge renewable technology integration
  35. Solar Shop Australia
  36. SolarZone 
  37. Springers Solar
  38. Suntrix
  39. Sustainable Man
  40. Wind Farm Developments
  41. Wind Prospects 
  42. Wind Prospects CWP (same group as above)
  43. Wind Lab
  44. Carbon Jobs
  45. Solar SunEmpire
  46. Alternate Energy (No link found)
  47. Microsolar Systems (No link found)
  48. solar 1 (No Link found)
  49. Solar Elec services (No Link found)
(More renewable energy companies have signed / been added since this posting so the number is now higher)
Add  this to the eleven mostly green extremist group that have also signed (eg: WWF, The Climate Institute ect ect) and this letter is noting more than renewable energy groups and businesses wanting a tax that will greatly benefit them while harming their competition.
By Adam at