Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Green Politicians Decide Australia Doesn't Need Small Towns!

South Australian Greens Senator Sarah Henson-Young and Greens South Australian MP Mark Parnell, said yesterday that “small towns that are based entirely on fossil fuels probably won't exist."

So the crowd that is currently running the country have decided we don't need small regional towns!

I wonder how the people of small towns like, say Bermagui, feel about this. These Australians need fossil fuels to drive anywhere unless they own solar cars (never seen one yet). There is very little public transport in Bermagui. Perhaps the Greens think the people of Bermagui can ride their pushbikes into Narooma to do their shopping and the local fishermen can use rowboats to check their offshore traps.

Oopps! Sorry, I forgot that under the Greens there will be no fishing as the whole coastline of Australia will be Marine Reserve.

All the coal fired power stations will cease to exist under the Green Dream thereby bringing about massive power shortages when the sun doesn't shine and the winds cease blowing. 

Now I understand how the Greens will bring about their aim of making small towns cease to exist.

A big cheer Bermagui for the Greens /Labor Government that have consigned your town and thousands more like it all over Australia to the dustbin of history in their Green (Wet) dream!

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