Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Climate Change Scientists Told, " It Doesn't Fit the Agenda So You Are Forbidden to Discuss It!

Head of the world’s leading physics lab has issued a gag order preventing scientists from stating their interpretation of a study that links historical climate changes to cosmic rays.

For years now scientists and physicists have presented study after study showing data, along with their personal interpretations, supporting the hypothesis that the alleged global warming phenomenon is due to man-made environmental factors affecting climate change.

Now, a major scientific experiment was conducted to study the interaction between cosmic rays and cloud formation, reveals that historical climate patterns coincide with the penetration of cosmic rays into the earth’s atmosphere. 

However, the Chief of world’s leading physics lab at CERN in Geneva, who conducted the study, has prohibited scientists from presenting their own interpretations of the CLOUD experiment.'
The UK’s Register suggests one reason that the “gag order” may have been issued is because the experiment invites a politically unacceptable hypothesis on climate change, or to say it another way, the study shows that Global Warming may not be a human caused phenomenon.

Under any interpretation the data can simply not be ignored since the study reveals that at the least cosmic rays play some part in climate change and global warming. Assuming that global warming is is occurring, the question of whether cosmic rays are the sole cause or just a contributing factor along with man-made and other issues is really just a red herring.

The real issue here is why are scientist being ordered not to give interpretations of data that would suggest a theory that contradicts the politically popular view? 

Is science not allowed to suggest an alternate hypothesis to the man-made global warming theory even when the data shows otherwise?
Science needs to be factually unbiased and provide information that is independent of politics. Please note Tim Flannery!

Many critics of global warming, and the theory it is man-made, already believe the studies supporting it have been fabricated for politicians who paid for skewed data by way of grants so they can push through their own political agendas.

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