Monday, July 18, 2011

Labor – Now a Minor Party Full of Spin and Lies!

Doncha love her as she walkin' round our streets,
Tellin' lies to everyon she meets.
Doncha love her madly,
Shoulda neutered her daddy.
Doncha love her as she walkin' round our streets,
With her carbon tax gettin' further outta reach!

Apologies to mighty The Doors!

It seems the Labor desperates only want one thing and they are happy to sacrifice their party to get it – a carbon tax. The head of Australia's largest blue collar union, Paul Howes, yesterday provided a much-needed fillip for the Gillard government by endorsing its carbon tax. 
The endorsement by the Australian Workers Union came just weeks after AWU national secretary Paul Howes vowed to oppose the impost if it cost a single worker's job. I wonder what Gillard has promised Howes for such a dramatic switch?
Guess the UN must be leaning pretty heavy on the Labor party, promising them all sorts of things like post electoral wipe-out positions with the UN. (You know the positions that KRudd spends tens of millions of our money trying to win, guess he wanted to follow in Tony Blair and Bill Clinton’s footsteps).

Meanwhile as the electorate says resoundingly it does not want this tax Labor just keeps pushing ahead. As polling indicates Labor is now in a diabolical position (26% primary vote – the lowest of any major party in history in Australia) in terms of the polls, Gillard says
Democracy is not one long opinion poll,”
Pardon – isnt democracy where the people have a say in Government  and yet this government is doing everything it can to ignore the people.

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