Thursday, July 7, 2011

49 of the 50 Businesses Who Signed for a "Clean Energy Future" By Way of a Carbon Tax are Clean Energy Companies

The Sydney Morning Herald reported
More than 50 companies including GE, AGL and The Body Shop have signed a statement backing a price on carbon.
source: SMH | 6/July/2011
But 49 of the 50+ businesses who signed a letter/campaign for a “clean” energy future & economy are “clean” energy companies. See the full list of signatories to the letter from the source: Companies here and Groups here  
Below I have made the business names clickable in red so you can see what they do
Signatory companies directly related to renewable energy & climate change;
  1.  Alstom  (makers of  wind turbines see link)
  2. Adelaide Solar Safe
  3. AquaGen Technologies
  4. ARUP 
  5. Banarra 
  6. Better place 
  7. Big Switch Projects  
  8. Carbon Advantage Asia Pacific 
  9.  Carbon Trade Xchange 
  10. Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited 
  11. Climate Friendly 
  12. Combined Force Solar 
  13. Consult Australia
  14. East River Software
  15. Ecosave
  16. European Green Exchange 
  17. Ferrostaal Group (provide wind turbine service and maintenance)
  18. Fronius
  19. GE Energy (build wind turbines)
  20. Goldwind
  21. Hydro Tasmania 
  22. Infigen Enegy
  23. Intelligent Pathways
  24. International River Foundation (environmental group)
  25. Johnson Controls 
  26. MEA
  27. NeoPower
  28. Pacific Hydro 
  29. Pacific Solar
  30. Pan Pacific Solar
  31. Pangolin Associates
  32. Pin Point Earth
  33. RES Australia
  34. Reemerge renewable technology integration
  35. Solar Shop Australia
  36. SolarZone 
  37. Springers Solar
  38. Suntrix
  39. Sustainable Man
  40. Wind Farm Developments
  41. Wind Prospects 
  42. Wind Prospects CWP (same group as above)
  43. Wind Lab
  44. Carbon Jobs
  45. Solar SunEmpire
  46. Alternate Energy (No link found)
  47. Microsolar Systems (No link found)
  48. solar 1 (No Link found)
  49. Solar Elec services (No Link found)
(More renewable energy companies have signed / been added since this posting so the number is now higher)
Add  this to the eleven mostly green extremist group that have also signed (eg: WWF, The Climate Institute ect ect) and this letter is noting more than renewable energy groups and businesses wanting a tax that will greatly benefit them while harming their competition.
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