Friday, December 31, 2010

Ice Floes the Size of Cars On British Shoreline! Global Warming to Continue - Pigs to Fly!

'Three children clamber over an icy landscape and gaze in awe at the desolate wasteland. As they look out to sea, ice floes the size of cars drift to shore - a sight more likely in Polar regions than the English seaside. But this is Cumbria, where sub-zero temperatures have frozen the surface of inshore waters.'

The rising sun reflected from the clouds on to the icy coast of the Solway Firth created a magical light. It shows how cold the weather has been, as salt water only begins to  freeze at −1.8°C (28.9°F).

Chunks of ice up to 20ft long and 3ft thick have been drifting in the Irish Sea after daytime temperatures fell as low as -8C.

An onlooker said: 'I couldn't believe my eyes, it just doesn't look real. I half expected to see a polar bear floating by.

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

UK Wind Turbines Consume More Energy Than They Produce!

'The future lies in renewables, which is a Greens euphemism for wind power.

The holy grail of the Watermelon Party and the Wind God, wind power is a big, expensive and very dangerous joke for the energy security of the UK.

As the country emerges from a very cold snap, it must be a comforting thought for Britons that their wind turbines have actually consumed more energy, than they produced.

With wind speeds across Western Europe having fallen in the last 30 years, and Britain suffering a 12% Fall In UK Renewable Energy Production the future is far from bright.'

Hello Bob Brown and Julia Gillard! Better hava a rethink comrades, but then it isn't about costing consumers money, is it?

It's all about the socialist agenda, isn't it?

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Europol Arrests More Than 100 In Carbon Trading Fraud - Australian Greens Still Want Carbon Tax!

'Here’s more proof that trading of CO2 emission certificates is fraught with fraud and attracts seedy criminal organizations – all costing the consumers and taxpayers billions of dollars.

The Austrian online Kleine Zeitung here reports that Europol have raided an elaborate CO2 emissions scam in Italy and have arrested more than 100 persons. The Kleine Zeitung writes: “The damage runs in the billions of euros”.

According to Europol, the Italian tax authorities, directed by the Milan Prosecutor’s Office, have raided 150 companies in Italy. The fraud involves evasion of value added tax with CO2 emission certificates. More than 100 have been arrested and are suspected of being involved in organised crime.'

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Green Hijack of the UK's National Weather Service is Crippling Britain.

'By far the biggest story of recent days, of course, has been the astonishing chaos inflicted, to a greater or lesser extent, on all of our lives by the fact that we are not only enjoying what is predicted to be the coldest December since records began in 1659, but also the harshest of three freezing winters in a row.

We all know the disaster stories – thousands of motorists trapped for hours on paralysed motorways, days of misery at Heathrow, rail passengers marooned in unheated carriages for up to 17 hours. But central to all this – as the cry goes up: “Why wasn’t Britain better prepared?” – has been the bizarre role of the UK's National Weather Service known as the Met Office.

The real question, however, is why has the Met Office become so astonishingly bad at doing the job for which it is paid nearly £200 million a year – in a way which has become so stupendously damaging to our country?

The answer is that in the past 20 years, as can be seen from its website, the Met Office has been hijacked from its proper role to become wholly subservient to its obsession with global warming. (At one time it even changed its name to the Met Office “for Weather and Climate Change”.)

This all began when its then-director John Houghton became one of the world’s most influential promoters of the warmist gospel. He, more than anyone else, was responsible for setting up the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and remained at the top of it for 13 years. It was he who, in 1990, launched the Met Office’s Hadley Centre for Climate Change, closely linked to the Climatic Research Unit in East Anglia (CRU), at the centre of last year’s Climategate row, which showed how the little group of scientists at the heart of the IPCC had been prepared to bend their data and to suppress any dissent from warming orthodoxy.

The reason why the Met Office gets its forecasts so hopelessly wrong is that they are based on those same computer models on which the IPCC itself relies to predict the world’s climate in 100 years time. They are programmed on the assumption that, as CO2 rises, so temperatures must inexorably follow.'

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Food and Ethanol Shortages Imminent as Earth Enters New Cold Climate Era

The Space and Science Research Center (SSRC), the leading independent research organization in the United States on the subject of the next climate change, issues today the following warning of imminent crop damage expected to produce food and ethanol shortages for the US and Canada:

Over the next 30 months, global temperatures are expected to make another dramatic drop even greater than that seen during the 2007-2008 period. As the Earth’s current El Nino dissipates, the planet will return to the long term temperature decline brought on by the Sun’s historic reduction in output, the on-going “solar hibernation".'

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Great Bamboozle!

‘One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been Bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the Bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The Bamboozle has captured us. It is simply too painful to acknowledge – even to ourselves – that we’ve been so credulous.’

- Carl Sagan

Piers Corbyn On Britains Coldest Winter in 100 Years

As the snow buries Britain under a freezing white blanket, Piers Corbyn has a lot to say about the weather forecasting in Britain, which is a good time to remember that the Head of the UK Met Office is a one time director of eco socialist pressure group World Wildelife Fund.

The WWF along with Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, the Australian Greens and Oxfam are major players in the great global wealth redistribution scam, no one really calls it Climate something or other anymore.

Over to Piers

The Charlatans are active big-time!
How much snow? When?

AND now we have Mr Powell (Met Office, not Positive Weather Solutions Powell of the recent ‘hottest ever summer in Britain’ that wasn’t fame) saying, ‘It could be a while before we get a break from the chilly conditions’.

Wow a “could be” warning. How bold! How useful!

BUT what the hell does he know?

He is from the same Global Warmist morally, intellectually and scientifically bankrupt stable as failed to predict the gigantic blizzards in Scotland 10 days ago (until they were happening); got ALL the last 5 significantly ABNORMAL seasons (two winters and three summers) diametrically wrong; and were predicting the UK would see NO MORE snow by the end of this decade!!

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Expect More Extreme Winters Thanks to Global Warming, Say Scientists

Liar, Liar Pants On Fire Gore

'Witch doctors, sorry, scientists have established a link between the cold, snowy winters in Europe and melting sea ice in the Arctic and have warned that long periods of freezing weather are likely to become more frequent in years to come.

An analysis of the ice-free regions of the Arctic Ocean has found that the higher temperatures there caused by global warming, which have melted the sea ice in the summer months, have paradoxically increased the chances of colder winters in Britain and the rest of northern Europe.

The findings are being assessed by British climate scientists, who have been asked by ministers for advice on whether the past two cold winters are part of a wider pattern of climate change that will cause further damaging disruption to the nation's creaking transport infrastructure.'

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Kiwi-gate, the Final Chapter

New Zealand’s Climate Science Coalition has issued a press release detailing the end of the Kiwi-gate affair.

The outcome is that data published in 2009 by New Zealand’s National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) entitled  ‘Are we feeling warmer yet’ has been abandoned and replaced with real, unadjusted data that shows a picture that warmists don’t want you to see:

NIWA makes the huge admission that New Zealand has experienced hardly any warming during the last half-century.

For all their talk about warming, for all their rushed invention of the “Eleven-Station Series” to prove warming, this new series shows that no warming has occurred here since about 1960.  

Almost all the warming took place from 1940-60, when the IPCC says that the effect of CO2 concentrations was trivial. Indeed, global temperatures were falling during that period.

Read a little more on the con of the century here:

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pope Claims 'Child Porn is Normal'

"Suffer Not The Little Children......" - Well not until this filth gets their hands on them!

Victims of clerical sex abuse have reacted furiously to Pope Benedict's claim yesterday that paedophilia wasn't considered an “absolute evil” as recently as the 1970s.

In his traditional Christmas address yesterday to cardinals and officials working in Rome, Pope Benedict XVI also claimed that child pornography was increasingly considered “normal” by society.

“In the 1970s, paedophilia was theorised as something fully in conformity with man and even with children,” the Pope said.

“Catholics should be embarrassed to hear their Pope talk again and again about abuse while doing little or nothing to stop it and to mischaracterise this heinous crisis,” said Barbara Blaine, the head of SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests,

I ask you, good people, how can you remain a catholic when your "infallible" leader has the hide to say that paedophilia is "normal'?

Why isn't this headline news in the mainstream media?

Read more about this evil mans beliefs:

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Spy Walks Free - Person Who Told Truth Jailed on Trumped-up Charge!

Mark Arbib who spied for the US by passing on information about Australia and the Australian Government and its then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, is still walking the streets whilst the man who reported Arbib's espionage is in a British Jail.

Julian Assange of WikiLeaks website was arrested in London on a trumped up sex charge that was supposed to have happened in Sweden. Little has been said in the mainstream media that both women admitted the sex acts were consensual.

I wonder if the fact that he was bonking both of them, unbeknowns to each other at the time, has anything to do with both women laying charges after they discovered his infidelity? A woman scorned etc etc!

Sweden has an extradition treaty with the United States and prominent US politicians have stated that Mr Assange should be executed as a spy!

Many people see the arrest of Assange as a way of the US getting him onto US soil where he will be tried on espionage charges and face the death penalty whilst the true spy, who admitted that he passed on information to the US consulate, still walks the streets a free man!

So an honest man could be executed and a self confessed spy will keep his well paid job in the Australian Labor Party.

Pass the bucket, I think I'm going to be sick!

Monday, December 6, 2010

What Happened to the 'Warmest Year on Record': The Truth is Global Warming has Halted

 With Britain, and possibly all Europe, starting what is believed to be the coldest winter since 1740 the scientific liars are still at it!

World Meteorological Organisation Secretary General and IPPC lickspittle, Michel Jarraud made the claim that 2010 is the warmest year since 1850. 

Big problem Michel, 2010 hasn't ended yet! 

A year ago tomorrow, just before the opening of the UN Copenhagen world climate summit, the British Meteorological Office issued a confident prediction.

The mean world temperature for 2010, it announced, 'is expected to be 14.58C, the warmest on record' - a deeply worrying 0.58C above the 1961-1990 average.

World temperatures, it went on, were locked inexorably into an everrising trend: 'Our experimental decadal forecast confirms previous indications that about half the years 2010-2019 will be warmer than the warmest year observed so far - 1998.'
Back in October the British Met Office, using data generated by a £33million supercomputer, claims Britain can stop worrying about a big freeze this year because Britain would be in for a milder winter than in past years because the globe is warming.

But this is the same equipment used to produce recent official seasonal forecasts – before those bulletins were axed in March after a string of much-criticised blunders.

Last week, halfway through yet another giant, 15,000delegate UN climate jamboree, being held this time in the tropical splendour of Cancun in Mexico, the British Met Office was at it again.

Never mind that Britain, just as it was last winter and the winter before, was deep in the grip of a cold snap, which has seen some temperatures plummet to minus 20C, and that here 2010 has been the coolest year since 1996.

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 Now you all have a great day and start to think about what you will have to give up when Julia and the Greens bring in their carbon tax based upon all these lies!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Is This Where We're Headed?

Here is an article about what is happening in America as a result of the so called Toxic Mortgage Affair where banks loaned money to people who had no hope of repaying the mortgages. This greatly inflated home prices in America as there was a rush from these people to live the American (and Australian) dream of owning their own home.

These Toxic Mortgages were bundedled into investments called derivitaves and offered to banks worldwide.

Australian banks rushed in to buy these worthless "investments" The inevitable happend when people couldn't reay their loans and the domino effect led to the recent World Financial Crisis as banks, including Australian banks, looked to go tits up and screamed for government assistance.

The latest Reserve Bank of Australia figures reveal that the “off-balance sheet” business of Australia’s banks—aka derivatives—hit an all-time high of $15.195 trillion in the June 2010 quarter.

Meanwhile these poor people had their homes repossed and were thrown onto the street!

At the time of this happening interest rates in America were around 2%. They have since dropped to 1%. 

The foundation of this whole process is to bankrupt countries, bankrupt populations and put them at the mercy of a reconstituted Rothschild-controlled banking system based on a world central bank that would dictate all global finance and oversee a single global electronic currency by imposing its policy on regional and national central banks.

The Rothschild network is also waiting for the price of land, resources and everything else to crash to cents-on-the-dollar prices before stepping forward to use their gold-laden assets to buy up vast tracts of the world and its economy – far beyond what even they own today.

They are planning to underpin this financial control with control of the food supply, which is why legislation is constantly being passed to target small farmers and those who grow their own food. The maxim is: control their pockets and control their bellies and you control their lives and actions.

The word to focus on here is ‘system’. The Rothschilds and the Illuminati control the banking and economic system and so they can't lose while that system is intact in some form. Individual banks going out of business or merging is no problem when you control the banking system.

The Rothschilds are manipulating to change the structure of global banking system by crashing it in its present form and replacing it with one that is fiercely centralised and so even more controllable by the few, and even more effective in imposing a global financial dictatorship.

It is time, long past the time, for us to say 'no more'. If we don't, we've seen nothing yet.

Scientists Don't Lie? - Those Involved in Global Warming & GMO Foods Do!

'Talk about psyops. If you can’t get the people to eat your dangerous, unwanted frankenfoods, just lie and say the Pope approves it.

On November 30, the magazine, New Scientist, published “Vatican scientists urge support for engineered crops,” which the Vatican immediately denied.

“The Vatican did not endorse an 11-page final statement in favor of easing restrictions on and allowing more widespread use of genetically modified crops, especially in poorer nations,” a Vatican official said in a statement published by Catholic News Service.

In fact, “the Vatican has never taken a formal position supporting or opposing genetically modified foods,” reported CNS. The study group who issued the report mostly include people with financial ties to genetically modified foods.

Four employees of Monsanto, the company at the forefront of genetically modified foods, graced the panel at New Scientist who produced the article.'
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Friday, December 3, 2010

Britain Having Coldest Winter in 100 Years - World Meteorological Organisation Says 2010 Warmest Year Since 1850!

Could Someone Here Be Telling Porkies?

I don't think it is the people of Britain, and Scotland in particular, who are seeing temperature as low as minus, that's right, minus 21 degrees C.

Try telling these people the globe is warming!

World Meteorological Organisation Secretary General Michel Jarraud made the claim that 2010 is the warmest year since 1850 but 2010 hasn't ended yet! 
What is the World Meteorological Organisation and who is Michael Jarraud and how come they just happened to be at the WMO convention in Cancun with just the information the UN warmists needed?

The report has been presented at the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change talks currently taking place in Mexico. No documentation was presented, just a pic of Jarraud waving a graph around claiming the figures came from four science centres in the US and Britain.

So we see the WMO's global warming "proof" comes from just two countries. Ironically the two countries that figured so prominently in the global warming email scandal where scientists admitted thet had "re-correlated data to give a clearer result". 

They manipulated data by dropping lower temperatures from their calculations because these scientists are paid huge grants to "prove" that global warming is happening and is caused by humans. 

The majority of our politicians blindly parrot the skewed results despite the fact they know AGW is a lie.

Proves, I guess, that they have another agenda!

Al Gore on Record Snow Falls in UK

And if the temperature goes up? 
'Global warming.' 
If it doesn't move? 
'Global warming.' 
Heavy rain? 
'Global warming.' 
'Global warming.'
 The weather stays the same? 
'Climate change.'

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Climate Change - The New Nazi Concentration Camps!

There is a lot more to the climate change scam then many Australians realize.

'Not content with merely pushing world war-style rationing and the complete de-industrialization of the planet, global warming alarmists meeting in Cancun Mexico this week will propose the forced relocation of entire populations in the name of offsetting man made climate change.

The shocking proposal appears on page 6 of the executive summary of the Special Climate Change Program.

As a means of mitigating climate change, encouraging sustainability and reducing CO2 emissions, the document calls for, “the implementation of relocation programs for human settlements and infrastructure in high risk areas.”

Relocation of populations has historically been achieved by force at the hands of an authoritarian ruling elite, to the “substantial harm” of the target settlement, with loss of private property and harrowing social dislocation, and in some cases genocide, being three primary outcomes.

The most odious example in recent history was of course the forced transfer of Jews from wartime Germany by the Nazis.'

Read more: Climate Alarmists Push Forced Relocation At Cancun Summit

But it can't happen in Australia, can it? Our government won't let that happen? It hasn't been on TV so that can't be right, can it?

Well, just watch the mad rush by the Gillard government, pushed along by threats from the Greens, to bring in a carbon tax and sign into Australian law the Special Climate Change Program.