Monday, July 11, 2011

Juliar Wins Lotto - With a Little Help!

 "Ouch! Which One of you Little Bastards Left the Barbie Doll on my Chair?"

Our dishonest Prime Minister tells us for the next few weeks she will be "wearing out shoe leather" getting around the country in an all out bid to convince the country her carbon dioxide tax "is right for Australia". 

Reportedly she has told her staff she does not want it to be "stage managed" as there is no point in "preaching to the converted".

Well the very first house on the non stage managed tour just happens to be one of the few families in Australia who are carbon dioxide tax supporters! 

How bloody amazing! 

With 84% of Australians not wanting a bar of her carbon dioxide tax how does she just manages to walk straight into a house of carbon dioxide tax supporters on this non stage managed tour?

Lotto winning luck?

No, sorry! Not that lucky.

The Cochrane family of 10 Monaro Place, Emu Plains were hand picked after M/s Gillard turned to local Labor MP David Bradbury to find an average family she would like to meet! I have not been able to determine yet if the Cochranes are members of the Labor party.

Another dishonesty by a prolific liar!

If M/s Gillard had gone to the house next door, or across the street, or down the road she would have found some of those 84% she says she wants to convince rather than preaching to the converted.

Mother-of-two Sarah Jenkins at number 3 said the tax was going to put more unnecessary pressure on struggling families.
“Both my husband and I have worked hard all our life. We’ve never received any government benefits and now we are the ones paying more,” Mrs Jenkins said.
“We don’t get a pay rise, we will just have to sacrifice one more thing to get by.”

Next door neighbour Elias Ibrahim slammed the impost as “a stupid policy”.
“Until China and the bigger polluters contribute, taxing us isn’t doing anything to tackle climate change,” the IT professional said.

At No. 7, train driver Troy Fotheringham said Labor had lost his vote.
“I’ve always been a Labor voter but this is a killer. This is not something we should be leading the world with,” he said. “We have a young family and it’s extra costs.”

Of the 11 houses in the street, only one other resident was in support - and only just. pensioner Stephen Buttress said: “As long as we don’t pay too much it’s not that bad. We should give see how it goes. If it doesn’t work, we can vote her out.”

How can you believe a word this woman says?

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