Friday, August 12, 2011

Polar Bear Eats Al Gore !

High Priest of global warming Al Gore, had an obscenity laced meltdown at the Aspen Institute the other day. The outburst only mirrors the desperation his movement is experiencing. More and more question the "science" behind his scientific/religious crusade.

Gore spat the dummy when he was asked if he was aware Polar Bears regularly covered 60 miles of open ocean when swimming between ice floes.

I think we all remember the heart breaking scene in his movie that depicted the poor Polar Bear paddling in the open ocean. Paddling about aimlessly because (supposedly) there wasn't any ice left for him to roam on?
That particular scene ended and the pitiful bears demise was left to our vivid imaginations! A convenient bit of information was left out though....Polar bears can swim 60 miles across open ocean to travel from one ice pack to another, they are at home in the ocean. Of course many urban dwellers don't know that "inconvenient truth" about these hardy bears and jump to conclusions.

I guess the failed candidate for President of the US is so much like our politicians and just can't stand the truth coming out. They think it is better to stifle free speach.

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