Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Longer Labor Lies The Worse It’s Going To Get.

Stolen Holus Bolus from TWAWKI.

"It seems every day is another expose of Labor’s corruption, fraud and lies. With Gillard and the Greens, Labor has become the party of the carbon tax at all costs where even the Labor Party itself is sacrificed on the alter of UN/Global governance policy implementation.

Smugly the Greens are profiting from Labor’s destruction any way they can. Their climate communism is the ultimate goal – Australia and Labor are dispensable.

Complements to Gillard and her alliances, the Labor party is already burning and yet it seems this once great political force is now a farce and a gang of thieves who care nothing for good governance, party integrity or any future for the party. As I’ve said before – even though I used to vote Labor – I hope Labor never again rise from the ashes.

My anger is nothing compared to many I have spoken to. That this excuse for a government continues in office against the will of the people implementing policies the people dont want and that will do huge damage to our nation is utterly disgraceful and appalling.

That a single federal Labor politician could bring this government down, but not a single one has the moral fortitude to do so shows that every single one of them is utter scum and deserves to never be in office again.

Lets see already in the last few days alone what has come out. Labor’s carbon tax political advertising is being investigated for fraudulent claims, the advertising is being paid for by taxpayers when it is simply politics and shouldn’t be, the claimed cost of the carbon tax at $71 billion when it is really a staggering and punitive $1 trillion, the Labor Party paying the legal costs of one of its politicians who is exposed as using union fees to pay for prostitutes and brothels just so it can stay in office. The desperation of the UN puppets in power at this party is simply astounding.

As the convoy of no confidence in this government starts today en-route to Canberra then it has become time for the Australian people to rise up and demand that Labor resign. However it is also time for the people to rise up and form new political parties based on getting this nation back to the hope, prosperity and freedom that it used to have before this government took office. We need people of integrity, strength and wisdom to form new parties and create a new political landscape in this Country, and give the people a choice to vote for those who will do what is right for the people and this country.

Only in this way can we put Labor and the Greens in the dustbin of history for good. Just think about it if we had a pragmatic, sensible and aware environmental party who were into protecting nature and not just using the environment as an excuse for climate communism, or we had a political party that defends the rights of the underprivileged and saw that the best way to fund that would be through small and efficient government as well as policy that encouraged businesses and the nations wealth to grow, or a party that championed the rights of the indigenous not from a nanny state perspective but that facilitated and empowered indigenous communities to bring resolution themselves.We do have options.

As Australians we can fight and work together for a great future – the first step is to get rid of those who are at war with everything that is good in this country – and that means getting rid of this government. It may be that the longer Labor lies the worse it is for Australia, but also the longer Labor lies the worse it will be for Labor. This government needs to realise that every day Labor and the Greens continue in office, every day they continue with their lies will be another nail in their coffin to ensure they are well and truly dead and buried never ever to be a political force again."

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