Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Australia's National Debt Now Over $200 billion!

I Don't Care That It's Your Money, Now Shut Up and Bend Over!

Move over America, here we come! I think even the blindest among us know that America is badly in need of a paddle. If you're up shit creek as far as America is then maybe an outboard motor would be a safer bet. But then again their fiscal boat is so full of holes an outboard would probably speed up the demise.

Little Wayne Swan, that small growth you sometimes see hanging off the nether region of our Prim Monster, has just scored his "double ton" and has borrowed, from overseas banks, $11,000 for each and every one of us 12.3 million taxpayers!

Now what are YOU getting for your $11 grand?

You will be getting a carbon tax that will do nothing to stop global warming. Maybe the fact that global warming stopped in 1998 according to the IPCC has something to do with it. 

Write to your local labor MP and ask him/her by how many degrees Celsius the carbon tax will reduce global temperatures?

Don't wait by your inbox for a reply. I wrote to Stephen Jones, my Federal Member, and asked this question. I got a lot of sand thrown in my eyes but no answer to my question. 

Because they know the answer is Zip, Zero, Zilch!  A carbon tax is not for the environment! It is for the banks at your expense.

BTW Mr Jones had replaced little Wayne as the small growth in vicinity of Julia's nether regions during her recent visit to Port Kembla Steelworks. In close proximity, the Big Bird was awaiting her turn by the ample girth. I just loved the Illawarra Mercury's front page reporting the visit of our illustrious leader. 

It was all in red! How appropriate!

This motley crew have been in power for 1371 days and by my reckoning have borrowed, on your behalf, $100 million per day!

I bet that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside? Particularly when it comes time to pay it back!

Mmmm! Whose gonna win XFactor?

PS Ben Bernanke, Wayne's counterpart in the US has a little gift for us!

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