Monday, August 1, 2011

"The Only Thing More Dangerous Than Ignorance Is Arrogance." Albert Einstein

 And this is a government of total arrogance! Well over 60% of Australians have clearly stated they don't want a carbon tax however this government will not listen to the people.

However the whole stinking organisation of Bob Brown/Julia Gillard is about to come crashing down around them as yet another "senior Labor figure" talks of dumping Gillard.

Andrew Bolt reports:

"Niki Savva hears of yet another warming sceptic at the heart of Labor:
As despair sinks into depression, one cabinet minister recently revealed his desolation in a conversation with an acquaintance when he confessed political life had become near intolerable.
He acknowledged the carbon tax is destroying the government, yet they could not walk away from it. He could not see - or he was not prepared to admit it that openly yet - a way out and this only fed his frustration.
This prominent member of a government, which recites like a Gregorian chant the mantra that climate change is real, then admitted his grave doubts about the science. He didn’t use the word crock, but that was pretty much what this secret deniers’ camp follower was saying.
And no, this was not Martin Ferguson speaking…
This cabinet minister’s remarks were significant on two levels. First they lay bare the despair at the very heart of the government. Second it runs so deep that while they will not openly discuss one possible solution - the removal of the Prime Minister - they have begun to distance themselves from impending disaster, hoping they will escape censure later from whoever might replace her and from those who will cast judgment on her.
Hmm. The sceptics’ camp must be bigger than I suspected. But who could take over from Gillard and ditch her tax?
Even the owner of a favourite deli in Melbourne reports Simon Crean is angling for the job. That was made more interesting by the fact that Liberals’ war gaming shows Crean as Labor’s next best option, and that this small businessman has chummy photos of himself and Crean on his shop wall."

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