Monday, August 8, 2011


Ratepayers are now set to be slugged an extra $200 million a year in tipping fees alone
under Labor’s carbon tax—That’s another $200m bill to have rubbish bins emptied and
waste dumped at local tips ‐ extra charges to cover methane emitted by garbage

Electricity bills in hospitals alone across Australia will hike another $100m every year
Victorian Government modelling shows costs to the state’s public hospital system will
hike by $140m over seven years due to escalating power costs alone under Labor’s
carbon tax

Regional airlines have given the lie to Labor’s claim an air ticket will go up $2 ‐The
Regional Aviation Association calculates airlines will need to pass on between $4 and
$8 each ticket in the first year of the tax

Labor’s carbon tax will add $5000 to the cost of a new home – that’s an extra $480 a
year in loan repayments plus having to pay off the $5000

Work by NSW Treasury shows public transport fares could hike $150 a year‐Power bills
in schools alone will jump by $57 per student – and parents may have to find this cost
NSW Treasury warns the overall electricity price impact will be 15% not 10%
Forgotten families under Labor’s own figures face a 10% hit on their electricity bills, a
9% hit on their gas bills

Families will have to fork out $515 on Labor’s own figures alone – that’s before all the
hidden costs start to emerge

The Master Builders Association calculates a new home will cost $5000 more – that’s
an extra $480 every year onto the mortgage, plus paying out the $5000

Even on the Government’s own figure, three million households will be worse off
immediately; 60% of households will be no better off

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