Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sharks Join Aliens In Their Bloody Fight Against Global Warming!

Man! How Desperate Is This?

When I stumbled upon this article on a site called Discovery News I immediately thought this has got to be a gee up!

Now scientists wonder why we think they are flips? (Flip is a 60's surfing term for a complete idiot - we call them wankers now.)

First they said the aliens are gonna get us and now they tell us the increase in shark attacks could be caused by Anthropogenic Global Warming! Prior to that we were told sea levels will increase and tens of thousands of Australian homes will be inundated. Then we find out that Julia's right hand climate man, Tim Flannery owns a waterfront property!

Bullshit Detector Works Overtime!

Ah well! When nearly 70% of Australians believe The Green/Gillard line on global warming is bullshit, it must be time for desperate measures.

PS. You can tell the shark works for the Labor Government - Its got Julia's nose and Greg Combet's mouth!

A pity we can't see its rectum.

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