Friday, February 4, 2011

Half Northern Hemisphere Covered in Ice & Snow.

At first glance it looks like a graphic from a Discovery Channel programme about a distant ice age. But this astonishing picture shows the world as it is today - with half the Northern Hemisphere covered with snow and ice.

The image was released by the National Oceanic And Atmospheric Association (NOAA) on the day half of North America was in the grip of a severe winter storm.

The map was created using multiple satellites from government agencies and the US Air Force.

That Antarctica, the Arctic, Greenland and the frozen wastes of Siberia are covered in white comes as no surprise. But it is the extent to which the line dips down over the Northern Hemisphere that is so remarkable about the image!

The shroud of white stretches down from Alaska and sweeps through the Midwest and along to the Eastern seaboard. The bitter cold has reached as far as Texas and northern Mexico where in Ciudad Juarez temperatures today were expected to dip to minus 15C.

Hundreds of drivers on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, which was blasted by 20 inches of snow, abandoned their cars in an almost apocalyptic scene as authorities closed the road.

Now we await the warmists as they thrash about trying to find a "scientist" who, when given enough money, will contrive evidence to prove this weather is caused by us humans and our global warming!

The Australian Greens and their counterparts in Britain are amazingly quiet about the extreme weather conditions in the Northern Hemisphere as it doesn't really suit their agenda of taking us back to the stone age.

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