Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Global Panic As Green Sector Crashes And Burns

Here is the deal - Labor and The Greens are going to railroad the Australian people into a "Carbon Scheme" and then the whole kit and kaboodle goes up in smoke and, taxwise, we bail it out!
Dontcha luvit?

Wind Tirbine Failure Due To High Winds.

Nothing symbolises the warming alarmist more than the wind turbine, the supposed source of limitless carbon free (if you ignore manufacture, transportation, erection, and maintenance) electricty.

 As the whole AGW scam collapses there are little islands of Climate Religion left, Greenpeace and the WWF frontmen are trying business as usual; which these days is starting to look more like the band playing on the Titanic with every passing day.

In Australia we have the Labor Party and The Greens prostrating themselves at the altar of global warming whilst the rest of the world are leaving Green investment faster than rats leaving the sinking SS Warming Alarmist!

 With economists plainly joining an increasing number of scientists in global warming skepticism its little wonder there’s now a mass flight away from ‘renewables;’ such that both investors and governments are compelled to follow suit in the clearest indication yet that green energy won’t live up to its promises.

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