Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Greens Blame Cyclone Yasi On Climate Change

The Watermelon Pink On The Inside-Ban Fishing-Ban Shooting Party

Here is a great article from Australian Climate Madness

"Does anyone really give a flying f**k what the Greens think any more? Why yes, the ABC does, which reports their every petulant outburst with wholly undue reverence.

It was only a matter of time before the eco-totalitarians in the Greens, desperate to advance their Marxist agenda by any means possible, blamed the (yet to arrive) Cyclone Yasi on climate change. Tell me Senator Milne, where is your evidence for that ludicrous statement? Oh, yeah, I remember, we don't need evidence, do we, just desperate appeals to ignorance and emotion.

I run these stories to demonstrate to my readers how irrelevant the Greens are in modern politics. I know it's painful, but it has to be done.
The Australian Greens say Tropical Cyclone Yasi is a "tragedy of climate change".
The party was heavily criticised after it linked the Queensland floods to climate change and blamed coal miners.
Greens deputy leader Christine Milne says the cyclone is another example of why it is important to cut carbon pollution.
"This is a tragedy, but it is a tragedy of climate change," she said.
"The scientists have been saying that we are going to experience more extreme weather events, that their intensity is going to increase, their frequency." (source)
To think that people have been stupid enough to vote these idiots into the balance of power in the Senate beggars belief."

Now let us have a look at the blue vein trumpet player that purports to lead the watermelons in Oz.

"Never let a good crisis go to waste" could have been written for Bob Brown. No depths are too low for the Greens' leader, exposing his "party" as a bunch of hysterical ecotards, more concerned with using the Queensland floods to push their extremist environmental agenda than for the suffering of so many people as a result of this tragedy. Fortunately, he has been criticised for his comments by all sides:
GREENS leader Bob Brown is facing mounting condemnation after calling on coal companies to foot the bill for the Queensland flood recovery.
Senator Brown said coal companies, as major climate change contributors, should pay a 40 per cent resources super profits tax to pay for the clean-up.
Minerals Council of Australia deputy chief Brendan Pearson accused Senator Brown of “rank opportunism”, unworthy of a serious political leader.
And Australian Coal Association director Ralph Hillman said domestically-mined coal made a tiny contribution to global carbon emissions.
Liberal Senator Eric Abetz said the Greens leader should apologise for his “insensitive” comments.
“Senator Brown's comments expose the Greens and his leadership as shallow and cynical; willing to peddle political propaganda in the face of a natural disaster,” Senator Abetz said. (source)
The Greens are hardly worthy of the title "political party", just a rag-tag bunch of Marxist environmental fruitcakes.

Thanks to Australian Climate Madness

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