Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Greens - Ban Guns!

When will gun abolition proponents realize that criminals don't really give a hang which laws are passed concerning the ownership of guns? 

Only decent law abiding citizens will obey gun control laws. 

How will that help lower crime?

Statements from the anti-gun lobby supporting the removal of weapons from law-abiding Australian citizens - most particularly the International Action Network on Small Arms and the Coalition for Gun Control - are emotive and completely without factual basis.

No reasonable person can confuse guns used by criminals as having any relationship to firearms owned by licensed, law-abiding sporting shooters. The nonsense dribbled by the anti-gun lobby is misinformation which unjustly and dishonestly scapegoats legitimately licensed shooting enthusiasts without benefit to the community.

Australians are killed in many ways. Indeed, some 2500 Australians kill themselves every year. The 400 or so Australians killed as a consequence of drink driving annually, the more than 500 who fall to their death each year, the hundreds who drown and the untold numbers who die through medical accident or malpractice are all important. But nothing gains a headline like the handful who are shot, because it seems the thousands who are killed by other means are somehow accepted.

Those who tug at our emotions about guns would have us believe that the murder of about 60 people each year by criminals using guns would miraculously stop if all guns owned by law abiding citizens were banned, but evidence worldwide makes it clear this is the stuff of fairytales.

What Country gave up a full scale invasion of Australia in the Second World War because "significant numbers of ordinary citizens had firearms and knew how to use them"?

The answer is JAPAN - the same Country whose leaders tried to disarm you via the United Nations! 

It would seem to make sense that a defensively strong country is one where substantial numbers of citizens own firearms.

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