Sunday, August 22, 2010

When Financial Vultures Circle, the End is Nigh

Here is an article from The Citizens Electoral Council.

"Financial vultures have descended on the carcass of the world economy in a flurry of speculation, feeding off last week’s decision by the U.S. Federal Reserve to further hyperinflate the financial system.

The Fed’s announcement of “quantitative easing 2” triggered intense speculation in high-return, high-risk financial paper, as well as a flood of betting on grain futures well above the flow-on effect of Russia’s decision to ban grain exports.

The world’s biggest bond fund, PIMCO, led the vultures, by upping its exposure to “mortgage-related debt”—the leftover mess from the subprime disaster—from 16 per cent to 18 per cent of its total portfolio, confident in the Fed’s renewed commitment to print enough money to bail them out.

Last week, also in response to the Fed’s announcement, U.S. companies issued a record amount of junk bonds at a rate 80 per cent higher than the same week last year.

And at the same time, the vultures settled on to grain speculation, driving the price of wheat on international markets up by 50 per cent in one week, using the excuse of Russia’s export ban, but actually mostly driven by the flood of central bank-created liquidity—the volume of speculation in food futures got to 50 times the amount of real food produced and traded worldwide! In turn, this will drive up food prices in the next few months by 12-20 per cent.

Citizens Electoral Council leader and candidate for Wills, Craig Isherwood declared today, “When the activity you see is among the vultures, you know the system is dead.

“This is the issue that has been covered up in this election,” Mr Isherwood said. “Only the CEC has addressed it.

“There never was a ‘recovery’, and now we’re seeing what Lyndon LaRouche forecast in June—the end of the system. The ‘stimulus’ has worn off, and central bankers like ‘Helicopter Ben’ Bernanke have only one plan: quantitative easing, or as LaRouche said, ‘Call it what it is—Weimar hyperinflation’.”

Mr Isherwood said neither of the major parties wanted to address this in the election.

He said, “Julia Gillard’s line is to hold a straight face and lie that ‘no-one was talking about a global financial crisis’ before it happened, and then credit her stimulus with rescuing Australia; Tony Abbott’s mentor John Howard says it was only a ‘North Atlantic downturn’, not a global crisis.

“Well, with the world hurtling toward Weimar hyperinflation, and Australia’s globalised economy totally exposed to the consequences, if the truth is not obvious already, it soon will be.”

Mr Isherwood concluded, “Only the LaRouche Plan can fix the world economy: a global Glass-Steagall banking reorganisation and re-regulation; and an economic recovery program centred on LaRouche’s expanded NAWAPA project to increase the productive power of the biosphere globally.

“That’s the alternative to Weimar hyperinflation-style chaos, but it is a very good one.”'

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