Monday, August 30, 2010

The Great Collapse of the Chicago Climate Exchange

Plagued by a free fall in carbon emissions prices and the perennial failure of Washington to pass any binding Cap and Trade Bill, it seems that the Chicago Climate Exchange is on its last leg, announcing that it will be scaling back its operations.

Chicago Climate Exchange or CCX, is North America’s sole voluntary, legally binding greenhouse gas trading and carbon “offset” projects in North America and Brazil. Rueters reported on Aug 11th that Intercontinental Exchange Inc, the operating body who purchased the struggling CCX in May this year, will be scaling back major operations this month, a move that includes massive layoffs. This is likely due to the complete market free-fall of their only product… carbon emissions.

Oh by the way, the two major shareholders and founders of The Chicago Climate Exchange are da da:

Maurice(The Greens Godfather)Strong and Al Gore! 
Now ain't that a surprise?

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Chicago Climate Exchange still flatlining – employee cuts. From the “unsustainable business” department, who wants carbon at 10 cents a ton? Apparently, nobody. Data below as of August 8 2010:

The green line shows the carbon price, per ton, in dollars. Yes, down to 10c per ton! Nobody wants it. People everywhere are finally waking up to the whole global warming scam. 

Why haven't The Greens? Well they already know GW is a huge scam but the GW outcomes really suit their socialist agenda.

The graph above courtesy Anthony Watts at:

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