Sunday, August 15, 2010

Desperate Propaganda: Global Warming Ups Heart Attack Risk

Here is the latest scare campaign from the global warming scammers.

Hey guys! Did you know that global warming can cause fewer and shorter lasting erections or that eating a Big Mac causes global warming?

Neither did I, but expect to see a"funded" scientist from some little know university putting this rumour forward as "a scientific fact" soon at a media outlet near you.

Can I upsize that for you?

"While global warming is believed to upset the natural balance of the world leading to various maleffects in different places, it can also increase the number of heart events.

Latest figures have revealed a considerable increase in the number of heart deaths reported in different parts of the world due to the record-breaking temperatures. Apart from dehydrating, heat forces the heart to work harder, contributing to heart failure in sick and old individuals.

According to the study published in the British Medical Journal, extreme spells of hot and cold will both place individuals at an increased risk of dying from heart problems within two weeks of exposure.

The cold weather may make blood more prone to clotting, increasing the risk of developing a cardiovascular event. Every 1C reduction in the temperature on a single day is linked to 200 extra heart attacks, the study found.

The elderly and those with underlying heart problems are believed to be the most vulnerable populations to the condition. Individuals taking blood-thinning drug aspirin for a long-term, on the other hand, are protected against the event.

“Although the increased risk is small, if there is a nationwide drop in average temperature it could equate to a significant number of heart attacks each day,” said Ellen Mason, of the British Heart Foundation.

Scientists therefore urged policymakers and individuals to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases based on lifestyle changes, stressing that it would have substantial benefits both for health and climate protection.

"For example, lowering saturated fat intake by reducing consumption of animal products is a healthy food choice recommended in prevention guidelines for coronary heart disease and a recognized strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emission," she added."

Anyway see thelatest load of climate chang bullshit at:

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