Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Put Greens Last!

Here is an article from my old mate Ron Owens, an honest and decent man, one you would have in the trenches with you, unlike so many politicians, bureaurocrats, and public servants.

The article in is totality resides here, you can read it or you can go back to watching Masterchef:


Holy shit Ronny, that's gotta be the longest link I have ever seen!

"If shooters, (and Fishermen and Four wheel drivers) do not act within the next three weeks to express their horror of what is going to befall this country, then another ‘plague will be on our houses’, even worse than what the little ‘evil gnome’ (John Howard) did to us in 1998.

It is a case of act now, speak out, tell all your friends and family, as well as writing to the local papers, encourage everyone to show their revulsion of what Labour and the Greens have sworn to do to us all, or bury your head in the sand and accept everything that they do to you.

We are currently being attacked presently in both the Federal and the State levels and due to a media feeding frenzy on the Federal election idea of Tweedledee or Tweedledummer the issues important to freedom and our way of life will never get a mention.

Most people’s only solution is to replace Labour with Liberals. This is similar to actual beef cattle preferring Mc Donald’s to Hungry Jacks. Either way, the cattle lose.

The Liberal/Nationals, who the voting cattle may take a shine to, send the shooting voters through the same meat-grinders as Labour does. You will be queuing up, wondering if your going to get anything for your property, same as last time with the same bunch of crooks running the handing in process. The principle is no different as both parties will put your firearms, your hopes and dreams through the government meat-grinders.

Both main parties put Australian freedoms, hunting , fishing, target shooting, four wheel driving at the disposal of Big Banks, George Sorus, Rebecca Peters, and the Green agenda.

The Greens, Green on the Outside Red in the Middle.

The Greens: To Yellow to Admit They're Red,

Both parties, want to woo, the Greens for power in the Senate, both parties keep the same gang of thieves in control of Australia’s financial position. Both main parties are totally dependent on the campaign contributions from the Big Banks.

Neither party helps the people to find employment, both want to import more cheap labor from Asia and Africa. In short, both parties are full of liars and con-artists. Voting for either of these political machines is an exercise in “stupidity” which allows us to view those who vote this way as stupid based on the foolish/stupid act that they commit when they vote for further enslavement.

Of course the main parties propagate this idea that voting is important and legislate to make it compulsory as they both know that currently it does not make any difference. They get paid anyway. They must think we are all fools.

Albert Einstein once defined insanity as, “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” By Einstein’s definition, it is very clear that past voting falls squarely within Einstein’s definition of insanity.

Every two or four years the politicians from both parties determine what the voting cattle want to hear and they tell it to them. The voters actually believe what they’re being told each and every time and do their duty to the national scam and cast their vote for their favorite liar. Then, after an appropriate amount of time passes, the voters realize they’ve been fooled by the politicians and get “mad as Hell” and vow to “vote the liars out of office” in the next election.

A major problem with this is there are only other liars to replace the first set of liars with!"

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