Monday, September 5, 2011

"Looser" Julia Suckholes To Another Failure!

No wonder Julia is grinning like a Cheshire cat! She is shaking hands with one of her heroes, former Maoist leader of the Portuguese Communist Party and now President of the European Union, a ragtag bunch  of bankrupt or near bankrupt countries trying to export their failed Socialist policies to gullible overseas politicians. (Ring any bells here?)

Jose Barosso has lobbed in Australia to try and milk more money from us to prop up the EU's fraud riddled Carbon Trading Scheme. He praised Gillard in putting a price on carbon and wants to find ways to tie both carbon trading schemes together.

The man's credentials as a failure are impeccable. He is also the former Prime Minister of Portugal, the biggest financial basket case in Europe. Julia would be wetting herself to get a photo opp with this man as they share the same political ideologies and economy destroying policies.

Ahead of her election, Gillard said there would be no carbon tax under a government she led but she later backtracked, saying a fixed levy was needed before the scheme moved to a market-based emissions trading model.
The policy about-face has prompted calls for the Labor leader's resignation, and seen thousands take to public rallies to denounce the tax set to be levied on all Australians that will not reduce global warming at all.

When The Greens or Labor are asked for a figure on how much a Carbon Tax will reduce global warming they have no answer because to say "it wont" would bring the whole fraudulent house of cards tumbling down around their ears even faster then is now happening.

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