Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How American Green Job Creation Works!

According to a recent report in The Washington Post, the Obama administration allocated $38.6 billion dollars for loan guarantees for companies creating green jobs. 

With almost half the money gone, 3,545 jobs have been directly created. That is around $5 million per job. 

Let us suppose the money in total resulted in the original target of 65,000 jobs. That would still be over $500,000 per job. And how much confidence should we have in them being permanent jobs, if their creation depends on government largesse. Not much.

The government claims as one reason for its Clean Energy Bill that “Australia produces more carbon pollution per head of population than any developed country in the world”.

I wonder would that be because of the huge amount of resources that are mined in this country and counted as "carbon we produced" then exported to China and India?

Those resources, Bob and Julia, are those very same resources that saved us from economic desolation during the Global Financial Crisis and are continuing to save us despite the valiant efforts of "The Best Treasure in the World" who is masterminding Australia's huge  economic debt.

I didn't like Peter Costello very much but he must have been a better treasure then Wayne Swan given the very healthy state he left our finances in. 

So you can run the biggest deficit Australia has ever seen but if you have "mates" in some obscure UN publication then suddenly you are the best treasure in the world?

Funny that the only other "Best Treasure in the World" Australia has produced was non other then Paul 'The Recession We Had to Have" Keating.

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