Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Interesting Statutory Declaration!

There has been some talk getting around in cyberspace this last week of Julia Gillard getting a less then salubrious mention in a Statutory Declaration given at Castlemain Police Station in Victoria by Robert Kernohan, former President of the Victorian Branch of the Australian Workers Union early in 2010.

This Stat Dec explains the extent of financial fraud allegedly perpertrated on the Union by the then Victorian Branch Secretary, Bruce Wilson. Gillard has admitted that she was in a sexual relationship with Wilson at the time. Current Labor Member, Bill Shorten, is also mentioned in the Stat Dec.

It is truly amazing that this matter has not been investigated given Julia Gillard's depth of involvement at the time with Wilson.

Below is a link to the stat dec and following that is a really detailed account of the whole sorry affair.

Robert Kernhan stat dec.

Has Julia Gillard Blackmailed the Media to Cover-up Her Corrupt Past?

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