Wednesday, March 23, 2011

So Labor and the Greens Reckon We're Extremists Because We Don't Want a Carbon Tax?

Maybe Bob Brown Has a Plan to Stop Cow Farts Causing Global Warming!
Yesterday, the 4000 Australians, the working families, pensioners, blue collar workers, who reached into their own pockets to express their democratic right over the fury they have about the direction this government is going, received a response from politicians we elected to our nation’s parliament and it was this.

Nick Champion, Member for Wakefield, called us “extremists with all the credibility of a Dungeons and Dragons convention”.

Minister Wong, in the height of conceit and arrogance, disparagingly referred to us as “that audience”. 

Senator Feeney interjected in the Senate and called us “members of the Ku Klux Klan”.

These comments are the height of absolute idiocy, they are disgusting. They show in direct light their improper motives and duplicity in using the term “deniers”. 

Labor with comments such as these deserve neither the respect nor the support of the Australian people and Labor should unequivocally apologise. They did not impugn the character of us in the parliament, where we expect it as part of this circus, but they have impugned the character of the salt of the fabric of the Australian people.

Ms Gillard and the Labor party,we are not “that audience”, we are not “extremists”,we  are not part of a “dungeons and dragons convention” we are not part of the “Ku Klux Klan”. 

We are the people who gave you your job and  your actions are despicable.

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