Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sink The Greens

We shooters and fishers really need to keep getting the word out there or we WILL loose our sports.

The Greens and Labor cannot be trusted - look no further then the big carbon tax lie of Gillard.

I have gone around three jetties (see photo) and a boat ramp on Lake Illawarra and placed these brochure holders that I made out of plastic fruit juice containers with the top cut off and pasted the front of the Fishing brochure on them. 

I placed about a dozen of the brochures in each container  and used 2" - sorry, old fart lingo -  50mm clear cellotape to bind them to uprights on the jetties. I check them twice a week to see if they need topping up.

I have seen a lot of political rubbish go down in my 65 years and we shooters and fishers will become part of that history unless we do something to help ourselves. So I ask you folks, get off your bum and DO SOMETHING or you WILL LOOSE YOUR GUNS AND FISHING SPOTS!

There must be places in your region where, at minimal cost to yourself, you can help.

Ring head office of the Shooters & Fishers Party to find out who in your area has a supply of brochure.

We have two weeks to try and secure the future of outdoor sporst because off road driving/riding and vehicular acess to National Parks will be the next target.

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