Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Miss Tweedledum Vs Fatty O'Barrel - And the Looser Is - The Citizens of NSW

In a couple of weeks we unfortunates living in NSW have to toddle off to vote.

Our choices are very limited.

We have little Miss Tweedledum (the one with the smaller nose) who presided over the latter part of the self destruction of what was once a political party for the workers of this state but  unashamedly became the Developers Party with a little help fron The Greens.

In the other corner is Mr Neverwasbeen, Fatty O'Barrell himself who presides over a party that once was for, well stuff me, I dunno what they were ever for! Can anyone help me here?

Now hidden away, happily maggoting their way through both corpses, there is a third party that have no policies on offer THAT CAN HELP US IN ANY WAY!

They are The Greens and they offer plenty of policies THAT WILL HURT US!

Such as: Death Duties, a Carbon Tax, Ban Fishing, Ban law abiding citizens from owning guns, and an absoloute ripper, close all coal fired power stations and replace them with "renewable energy sources".

WTF does that mean?

Wind generators that make people ill and never run at full capacity, therefore needing a backup gas fired generator?

Britian gives us a huge heads up on what will happen if coal mines and coal fired power stations are closed in NSW but don't wait for it to hit the mainstream media.

Steven Holliday, Chief Executice Officer of Britians largest energy supplier, National Grid, issued a stark warning of the consequences of Britain "going green". The National Grid is one of the most lucrative privatized monoplies in the world.

Mr Holliday stated that because there will be massive power shortages in Britain bought about by going green:

“Families will have to get used to only using power when it was available, rather than constantly.”

And that, folks, is the green agenda in a nutshell. Take us back to the dark ages.

I wonder will Bob Brown's little lovenest in Tasmania share the same fate?

I very much doubt it.

If you are in anyway interested the whole story is here.

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