Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Reduce Australia's Population to 6 Million - Plan to Shutdown Australia's Food Bowl

 A Press Release From Citizens Electoral Council of Australia

 Under questioning from Citizens Electoral Council chairman Ann Lawler at the St George information meeting last Thursday, Murray-Darling Basin Authority chairman Mike Taylor stridently insisted that the so-called Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists had no role in preparing the MDBA’s plan to slash irrigation and food production in the national food bowl.

The fact that Mr Taylor was so defensive about the Wentworth Group, and what he complained was repeated questioning about their role, itself proves the absurdity of his denial—every observer knows that the Wentworth Group’s bloody fingerprints are all over this damn plan.

However, in trying to cover up the Wentworth Group’s role in the Basin Plan, the MDBA chairman is seeking to disguise the fact that the true intent of this plan is to reduce Australia’s population.

First, the facts:

The Wentworth Group was formed in 2002, at a meeting in the Wentworth Hotel in Sydney organised by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). It was formed to target the Murray-Darling Basin, and block any future water development projects.

Among the founding members were Professor Tim Flannery, who advocates a radical reduction in Australia’s population down to as low as 6 million, and the late Professor Peter Cullen, whose “science” amounted to an obsession with dismantling water infrastructure.

The Wentworth Group is bankrolled by a corporate cabal connected into the highest levels of the British oligarchy, including arch-depopulator Prince Philip’s WWF, and the Inter-Alpha Group, the gang of European banks led by Lord Jacob Rothschild which specialises in looting nations through scams such as privatisation—a key goal of the Murray-Darling Basin “reform” process from the beginning.

The Wentworth Group is wholly funded by the Purves Environmental Fund, which was established in 2004 by WWF International Board member Robert Purves, and includes on its small board of directors Geoff Brunsdon, the chairman of Inter-Alpha Group member ING’s Australian subsidiary ING Private Equity Access Ltd.

Wentworth’s Peter Cullen was appointed by the Howard government to the National Water Commission, to establish the infrastructure and policies to coordinate the Basin’s shutdown. In 2007, Cullen, and fellow Wentworth Group scientists Peter Cosier and Mike Young, appeared before the Senate hearings for Environment Minister (and merchant banker) Malcolm Turnbull’s 2007 Water Bill, the bill which would form the MDBA; the 2007 Annual Review of the Purves Environmental Fund boasted, “Their recommendations were taken up when the bill was passed, in August 2007.”

Important note: contrary to the panicked back-pedalling by the National Party, its MPs all voted for the Turnbull bill, which became the Water Act 2007. In fact, the bill had such unanimous support, its final passage didn’t go to a division in either the House or Senate, and only one MP, the Independent Member for New England Tony Windsor, registered his opposition.

Reviewing these details, Ann Lawler said today, “It is small wonder Mike Taylor would like to hide the role of the Wentworth Group in devising the plan to shut down Australia’s food bowl. It is criminal that a front for private, corporate interests whose only allegiance is to the City of London and the depopulation drive of Prince Philip and his WWF has been allowed by all the major parties to set the agenda for the area that is the source of Australia’s food security.

“What is at stake here is the future of Australia as a whole; not just the Murray-Darling Basin. All Australians must get behind the CEC’s fight to stop this assault on our nation-state.”

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