Monday, November 8, 2010

12 Photos of Global Warming Scam Data Collection

David Evans points us to truly shocking collection of photographs he's assembled (PDF) depicting the fraudulent nature of the warming fraud perpetrated by many in the Western science establishment.

These photos highlight the locations of official climate thermometers, which -- if they're not missing altogether -- are intentionally placed near air conditioners or getting blasts from jet engines. You won't believe your eyes.

Global warming stopped in 1998 according to IPCC data.

Oh that data!

You mean the date the IPCC "excluded" from their computer moddeling because it gave a prediction they didn't want?

The data included was from monitoring stations like the one above. There was exclusion of data from rural monitoring stations. This was done on "geographically inconclusive" grounds, whatever that means.

We will have a look at another monitoring station that would have to give skewed data.

See all 12 pics here 

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