Friday, November 26, 2010


The Watermelon Party (Green on the outside - pink on the inside) have done over again people who like to fish. 

Oh well, we get the politicians we deserve!

Here is a press release from The Shooters and Fishers Party:

"Shooters and Fishers Party MLC, Robert Brown has accused the Labor Government of bowing to Green pressure last night and effectively revoking the Meroo Lake recreational fishing haven on the south coast.
"I moved in the House to retain Meroo Lake as it is, but the Labor Party and the Greens voted against it.
"Recreational fishers have once again been done over by the Government and the Greens. They should expect more of the same if the Greens get the balance of power in March.

 "Meroo Lake recreational fishing haven was one of dozens set up more than a decade ago and was funded by recreational fishing licence fees.

"What the Government and the Greens have now done is to put a gate on access to the Lake, to block the easy access which has been enjoyed for years. The intention is to make it difficult for people to pick up a key in Ulladulla before going to the lake, in the hope they will give up and go elsewhere.
"Meroo Lake has been protected with a great deal of enthusiasm by local fishing clubs and the fishers who go there. They are proud of the recreational fishing haven and resent being alienated from more and more waterways.

"The Government/Green deal to swap 85 hectares of the bed of the Lake for 6 hectares of a caravan park will alienate all recreational fishers in New South Wales.
"This Government has totally lost touch with the general public and particularly the fishing community and deserves to be punished at the March election. This steal back is a declaration of war on fishers" Mr Brown said."

Further Information – Robert Brown MLC: 0429 303 250

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