Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Labor Finally Announces Their ETS

I have stolen this from a press release from Barnaby Joyce. I didn't ask permission but stuff him! He should be proud to grace these auspicious pages(?)

"The Labor party have announced for Australia their new ETS.

It has changed from what they originally proposed, but in the philosophical vacuum of ideas where all previous Labor virtues are up for sale if the popularity price is right, its metamorphous is true to form.

The ETS was initially the Emissions Trading Scheme, which was a plan to cool the planet from a room in Canberra, now it has morphed slightly and become the East Timor Solution. So it has gone from their Climate Policy to their Immigration Policy.

Why East Timor? Well I suppose no one from Reykjavik in Iceland was answering the phone when they did the call around. It is not surprising that only a couple of people in Dili know about this policy as well. Surely if they announce the East Timor Solution enough times somebody in Australia will believe it is a well considered policy.

Everything the Labor party is doing of late is becoming more and more erratic and implausible. Faceless backroom men change a first term Prime Minister for the first time in Australia’s history. The costing of major tax policies such as the RSPT has figures that are so rubbery that apparently a 25% reduction in the tax rate, with a doubling of a base line tax free exemption, only brings an approximate 10% reduction in the revenue stream to Treasury. Australia is apparently supposed to believe this and still hold the Labor party as the honest broker for the nation’s figures. Labor has a projected budget surplus in 2012-13 that has about as much chance of getting up as the ambulance at the Melbourne Cup.

A former convenor of the left -wing organisation Socialist Forum, South Australia, is now to be believed as having had a Saul-like conversion of her most ardent views on the road to the Lodge in the last fortnight. Australia gets all this and more for approximately $150 million a day in extra borrowing on top of the nation’s gross debt currently at $147.833 billion.

The Labor party no longer means anything. It has become pathos. It is a caricature of its former self where it takes its true believers for granted and will say anything to beguile others into believing something that it is not. It offers no more than a mercenary desire for the faceless men of Sussex Street, Sydney, to attain their prize of power. If they achieve their goal Australia will experience the similar imbroglios that plague a dysfunctional NSW government.

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