Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cold Snap Freezes South America – Beaches Whitened, Some Areas Experience Snow For First Time in Living Memory

The most famous beach of Argentina, Mar del Plata, was whitened by the snow in the morning of July 15th 2010.

Despite scenes like the above we still have University Educated morons who will not research outside the narrow confines of their stilted minds. They are like Chicken Little running around crying out "The sky is falling! The sky is falling!" (read Global warming, naughty people, punish, punish!)

Watts Up With That reports as follows:

"A brutal and historical cold snap has so far caused 80 deaths in South America, according to international news agencies. Temperatures have been much below normal for over a week in vast areas of the continent. In Chile, the Aysen region was affected early last week by the worst snowstorm in 30 years. The snow accumulation reached 5 feet in Balmaceda and the Army was called to rescue people trapped by the snow.

In Argentina, the snow in the region of Mendoza, famous for its winery, was described by local meterologists as the heaviest in a decade. The temperature in the morning of July 16th was the lowest in the city of Buenos Aires since 1991: -1.5C. The cold snap caused a record demand for energy and Argentina had to import electricity from Brazil. Many industries in Argentina were shut down due to gas shortage.

It snowed in nearly all the provinces of Argentina, an extremely rare event. It snowed even in the western part of the province of Buenos Aires and Southern Santa Fe, in cities at sea level.

The snow was heavy even in Northern Argentina. In Santiago Del Estero, according to media reports, some areas experienced snow for the first time in living memory. In the province of Tucuman, some town saw snow for the first time since 1921 (Gaceta de Tucuman newspaper)."

Read the full report below before you rush out and vote for a carbon tax! :


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