Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Fun Police!

Got to hand it to the Greens in Tassie – their first decision in the new Government is to withdraw the sponsorship of the Hawks who play a couple of AFL games a year in Launceston.

Now I know some people back the Hawks, and that Tasmanians like to go to the football when they turn up in that State, but why would the Greens go out of their way to make sure the club pulls out and leaves.

Lots of people have claimed the Greens are the anti-fun party - this just tends to prove it!

And again, give it to the Greens, their leader Nick McKimm conned the Government to give them one cabinet post. But then he used the Constitution to split it and put his girlfriend into the Ministry under the “delegation” powers of a minister. A very clever "let's keep it all in the family" move... But let’s wait until they have to make some serious decisions.

Anyway, we can see the Greens priorities have nothing to do with the well being of the state or workers - they're much more about stopping people enjoying themselves and feathering their own nest.

What next? They'll probably want to stop helicopters flying over wilderness areas because Greenie bushwalkers are out there and it might disturb their “experience”. Or maybe they'll bring back their old favourite - and demand the removal of trout from all streams in Tasmania because they are feral - not to mention the deer as well.

This item courtesy of: The Shooters and Fishers Party

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