Saturday, July 24, 2010

Court Drops German Bishop Probe

People always have reasons for their actions. Below are my reasons for passing on information I come across about the paedophile elements in the Catholic church.

My mother, a staunch Catholic with six children and a pisspot, philandering husband, was struck down with stomach cancer in the late 1950's. In this era cancer was a death sentance!

Five little kids were lovingly taken care of for months by some of the most wonderful people any country town could ever produce.

Some were Catholic families and some were Anglican families.

All were loving, beautiful families and took such wonderful care of my younger brothers and sisters I am forever in debt to them. I was the oldest child and for some reason I was sent to a Catholic orphanage nearby run by the Sisters of Mercy. I saw some strange things happen there that I didn't really understand at the time.

Mum eventually recovered and all the children moved back into the family home. Mum told me many years later that she had prayed the Rosary twice a day as she was recovering and had promised God that if she recovered she would make sure her children were always raised as Catholics and always sent to Catholic schools.

So all six kids always attended Catholic schools, at primary level The Sisters of Mercy and what a misnomer they were! The only mercy was when we begged for it when being caned. My three younger brothers later told me of some of the floggings they got, first at the hands of the sisters and later on in secondary school at the hands of the Marist Brothers etc.

I was shipped off to a Catholic boarding school for my seconday education. I made friends with a boy in my class who had an older brother at the school and he quickly made us aware of the "leanings" of some ot the priests, brothers, and some of the older students.

We used to joke about "dodging Father Rileys cock". To some of the boys who didn't have the animal cunning of others it wasn't a joke!

Here is a news item from www.presstv in the States. The link:

'German prosecutors have dropped a probe into allegations that the country's top cleric, Freiburg Archbishop Robert Zollitsch, hired a pedophile priest. "The investigation into Freiburg Archbishop Robert Zollitsch has been closed," the Associated Press quoted Prosecutor Christoph Hettenbach as saying in a statement released Wednesday.

An anonymous complaint had accused the 71-year-old Zollitsch of reappointing a priest in 1987 known to have sexually abused minors in the 1960s. "Since no concrete abuse cases or victims' names have come to light from the priest's second period in Birnau from 1987 to 1992, there are no grounds for holding Dr Zollitsch criminally responsible," Hettenbach said in the statement.

"Neither was there any evidence that the archbishop, who was head of Church personnel in the area at the time, acted in the knowledge that the priest might commit new offences," the prosecutor added.

Nevertheless, Zollitsch had earlier admitted his mistakes in dealing with allegations of sexual abuse against the alleged pedophile priest, saying that he should have probed the case more intensely.

Vatican has repeatedly faced accusations of sexual abuse across Europe and the US during the past year.

Last March, Pope Benedict XVI himself was involved in allegations of ignoring an abuse case in 1980.

Amid such controversies, the closure of Zollitsch's inquiry comes as a relief to the Catholic Church.

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