Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pachauri and IPCC to Get a Kick Up the Bum?

The news from sunny Bali that there is to be an international investigation into the conduct of the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and its chairman Dr Rajendra Pachauri is indeed welcome.

I can smell the fresh paint already as the whitewash can is opened rather then the can of whoopass these criminals so richly deserve!

Put all the errors in the IPCC report together and it can be seen that, one after another, they tick off all the central, iconic issues the entire global warming fraud is built on.

Apart from those non-vanishing polar bears, no fears of climate change have been played on more insistently than these: the destruction of Himalayan glaciers and Amazonian rainforest; famine in Africa; fast-rising sea levels; the threat of hurricanes, droughts, floods and heatwaves all becoming more frequent.

All these alarms were given special prominence in that IPCC's 2007 report and each of them has now been shown to be based, not on hard evidence, but on scare stories, derived not from proper scientists but from environmental activists.

Those glaciers are not vanishing; the damage to the rainforest is not from climate change but logging and agriculture; African crop yields are more likely to increase than diminish; the modest rise in sea levels is slowing not accelerating; hurricane activity is lower than it was 60 years ago; droughts were more frequent in the past; there has been no increase in floods or heatwaves.

Furthermore, it has also emerged in almost every case that the decision to include these scare stories rather than hard scientific evidence was deliberate.

As several IPCC scientists have pointed out about the scare over Himalayan glaciers, for instance, those responsible for including it were well aware that proper science said something quite different.

But it was inserted nevertheless – because that was the story wanted by those in charge.

Yep! They would be the same people who are busily opening the cans of whitewash and hiring the painters to do the job!

Now where can I buy a couple of cans of whoopass?

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