Friday, February 5, 2010


Yeah, I know.

This is supposed to be about the subterfuge of Global Warming, sorry, global warming didn't happen, so the subterfuge of Climate Change.

Now, how come, as soon as we found out it was crap we don't all jump up and say:-

"Hang on you morons. You can't have it both ways! This global warming stuff is a load of bullchip. The guys that dreamed it up, so called scientists, made up a heap of lies to support it and skited to one another in emails how it was done!"

The reason we didn't folks is because we are under control.

You may say, "Hang on Shooter, just what Woolworths did those mushrooms come from while you were away on that surfing trip?"

Well, with the help of Charley Reese I will enlighten ya'all.

No, that is wrong, if you ain't enlightened, I can't do it, Charliy Reese can't do it, Jesus Christ can't do it and he has been trying for over 2,000 years!

I will make black marks on a white screen and you will interpret these marks through a set of filters that you didn't put there and don't know exist.

Good luck, your task, should you accept it, begins now!

The first principle of people control is to stooge them! Man, they must not know you are controlling them. If they knew you had them by the cort and shirleys, this knowledge could breed resentment and possibly rebellion, which would then require brute force and terror, which would mean a "war on terror" and then brutal, expensive and not 100 % certain method of control. Although almost 100% certain since Mr Howard disarmed most Australians.

It is easier than you think to control people .

One basic technique is to keep people ignorant. This controls people indirectly, manipulates them into thinking what you want them to think and doing what you want them to do .

Educated people are not as easy to manipulate. Abolishing public education or restricting access to education would be the direct approach. That would spill the beans. The indirect approach is to control the education they receive.

It is possible to be a doctor, lawyer (what happened to solicitors?), businessman, journalist, or an accountant, just to name a few examples, and at the same time be an uneducated person. Hell, there are tens of thousands of them out there if you read anything they've written or said!

The difference between true education and job training has been cleverly blurred in our time so that we have people successfully practicing their work while at the same time being totally ignorant of the larger issues of the world in which they exist.

The most obvious symptom is their absence of original thought. Ask them a question and they will end up reciting what someone else thinks, or thought, the answer was.

What do they think?

Well, they never thought about it!

Their education consisted of learning how to use the library or internet and quote sources. That greatly simplifies things for the controller because lots of money, university endowments, foundations, grants, and ownership of media rests with very few people. So it is relatively easy to control who they will think of as authorities to cite in lieu of doing their own thinking.

Let's read the killer part of that last sentence again!

"...who they will think of as authorities to cite in lieu of doing their own thinking."

Hello out there in Apathralia!

Is this you?

Denial is not a river in Egypt folks!!

Who will you quote next time? Al Gore perhaps? Many people think Al Gore has a scientific grasp on Climate Change. Al Gore is a failed politician and a 3rd rate lawyer and only has a grasp on personal greed!

A great technique that works like a charm in Apathralia is to keep the punters entertained baby! Roman emperors did not stage circuses and gladiator contests because they didn't have State of Origin Rugby League! They knew to keep the peasants docile entertainment was needed.

We have television because we don't have circuses and gladiator events. Either way, the purpose is to keep the people's minds focused on entertainment, sports, and peripheral political issues like Tony Abbot's Budgie Smugglers!

This way you won't have to worry that they will ever figure out the real issues that allow you to control them. Just as a truly educated person is difficult to control, so too is an economically independent person. Therefore, you want to create conditions that will produce people who work for wages, since wage earners have little control over their economic destiny.

You'll also want to control the monetary, credit, and banking systems. This will allow you to inflate the currency and make it next to impossible for wage earners to accumulate capital. You can also jack interest rates up after most of the punters are "on" because of record interest rate lows and allow your controllers (banks) to reposess homes, collapse family businesses, farms, and entrepreneurs, including independent community banks.

The collapse of these small independant banks, credit unions, and building societies is yet to happen in Australia!

To keep trade unions under control, first you denigrate them through your tame media and then you promote a scheme that allows you to shift production jobs out of the country (motor vehicles and food to name a couple) and bring back the products as imports (it is called free trade, Cheating Keating excelled at it!).

You will also "seed" the unions with incompetant university graduates who know and care nothing about workers rights becaus they have never worked! As a reward for their stuffups you fast track them into a "safe seat" in politics where they further undermine the union movement! This way you will end up with no Trade Unions or docile unions.

You then buy both political parties so that after a while people will feel that no matter whether they vote for Candidate A or candidate B, they will get the same policies. Sort of like Rudd the Dudd and that other bloke, whom I forget, who thought he was the leader of the Opposition! This will create great apathy and a belief that the political process is useless for effecting real change.

You move The Mad Abbot rapidly toward an ETS type tax like Rudd the Dudd. He blindly follows your orders to do so because you have promised him many directorships of companies when he retires from politics. He has already stated in the press he cannot live on $125,000 per annum!

Pretty soon you will have a population that feels completely helpless, and thinks the bad things happening to them are nobody in particular's fault, just a result of a global financial crisis or social evolution or some other disembodied abstract concept. If necessary, you can offer scapegoats.

Then you can bleed them dry without having to worry overly much that one of them will sneak into your house one night and cut your throat. Remember, they wont have a gun to shoot you as good ole Johhny Howard made sure of that!

If you do it right, they won't even know whose throat to cut.

' K neasy aye?

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  1. The only evidence of Global Warming is the melting of ice at both poles. As for everything else they are saying, they need more proof.