Saturday, April 9, 2011

US Government Votes to Curb Climate Regulation

WASHINGTON (AFP) - The US House of Representatives on Thursday approved a bill aimed at preventing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from regulating greenhouse gases blamed for global warming.

The 255-172 vote in the Republican-held chamber came a day after the Democratic-led Senate rejected such a move, making it highly unlikely lawmakers will actually move to curb EPA's regulatory powers.

US President Barack Obama has already signaled he opposes such a step, but Republicans have said EPA's moves to limit such emissions could dampen job creation as the economy drags itself out of the worst downturn in 80 years.

Republicans have also sought to tie the measure to a sharp rise in gasoline prices, saying new restrictions would drive energy costs sharply higher.

The US House of Representatives approved a cap-and-trade bill to fight climate change in 2009, but the Senate never approved such a measure.

With no regard to what is happening worldwide with the Climate Fraud cat truly out of the bag, the Greens/Labor Government in Australia continue to push Australians further into poverty with their insane plans for a carbon tax. 

All this despite the fact that their own chosen waffler, Tim Flannery, says it will take hundreds of years, perhaps a thousand years, for the tax to make any difference at all to carbon dioxide levels.

I wonder why a Labor Party Government, that sees itself as a government for the people, would want to drive the peoples standard of living down?

There has to be another reason and they (The Greens and Labor) don't want the Australian people to know what that agenda is.

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