Wednesday, April 13, 2011

National Debt.

 Australia Currently Owes Overseas Bankers 187.3 Billion Dollars!

Around 21 million people have to pay back $187.3 billion dollars!

Is there any way we can get the penny to drop on why this is not healthy for the Australian people? 

Something smells. Ken Henry has left, Julia Gillard is panicking, and our gross debt is tearing through the roof.

Seeing as Mr Swan always talks about net debt, maybe he would like to find some of these funds he used in netting off this $187.3 billion and use it now to pay off some of the debt. 

I will tell you there are two things he won’t be able to tell us, where the money is and secondly, if he did know where it was, he would be terrified of what would happen if he actually used it to pay off the debt. For example, the largest section of the money used in the netting process is for public servants’ superannuation.

We have found ourselves in this position because we have got a government that spent like a person who should have been swabbed. We will look back in history and cringe as to how on earth we got ourselves into such strife. 

$2.5 billion on ceiling insulation, $16.8 billion on school halls and random $900 cheques, for who only knows what purpose, followed by an moronic idea to cool the planet from a building in Canberra by taxing Australians.  

We've got to asks this Government where do these maniac ideas come from, and how on earth are you going to repay this debt?

There is never a mention on mainstream TV of this massive debt. 

I guess it's because there is just so much interest in a couple of Pommy inbreds getting married soon!

I stole most of these details from a Barnaby Joyce press release! Email him and tell him we can't pay it back. 

Tell him "We're fucked Barnaby."

Sorry I don't think I should have said fucked so I'll cross it out and you can put in your own words.

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