Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Resident Government Idiot Tries To Explain That Higher Taxes Will Put More Money In Our Wallets!

Some Village In Australia Is Missing It's Idiot!

He thinks that voters are as stupid as he is.

The Federal Government is poised to pledge millions of dollars in sweeteners for Australian households who are facing the possibility of higher bills under the proposed carbon tax.

Climate Change Minister Greg Combet will use a speech at the National Press Club later today to release key details of the proposed compensation for households under the scheme.

He says pensioners and the low-paid will be the priority for compensation and says most families will actually be better off under the plan.

The Government has maintained all revenue from the scheme will be used to compensate households and sensitive industries, and support energy efficiency and new technologies.

“What we’re making clear today is that more than 50 per cent of the carbon price revenue will be used to assist households and that we expect that millions of households will be better off under the carbon price arrangements,” Mr Combet told ABC’s AM.

“Obviously as a Labor Government, we’re concerned to help low and middle income households as much as we can.”

WTF!!! How will that work Combet?

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