Sunday, September 12, 2010

Idiot Buys Train - Converts it to Biofuel!

 Barmy Prince Charlie Looking at the World Thru 3D Glasses!

The Prince of Wales  has embarked on an eco-tour of Britain. He is  reminding us that unless we convert our Aston Martins to biofuels by the end of next week (just like he has done) then the polar ice caps will most assuredly melt and we’ll all die.

Needless to say, he has found the perfect means of transport by which to convey this important message: a huge train powered by possibly the most ecologically disastrous fuel source yet devised by mankind. Biofuel.

Reprinted here is a letter to BBC radio regarding the royal lunatic!

I have just listened with mounting incredulity to your report that Prince Charles is touring the country in a biofuel-powered train ‘to promote cycling and a sustainable lifestyle’.Is he stark raving mad? There are so many issues around biofuel that it would take all day to list them, but here are a few blindingly obvious questions to ask him:
What were the combine harvesters that gathered the biofuel running on? I know it is used but it didn’t drip down from heaven to begin with!
How was it delivered to the recyclers, and thence to the station? What else could the land it was grown on have been used for?
Is there enough used vegetable oil around for us all to power our trains on? Or perhaps just our modest little cars (not Aston Martins like his)
How much does his train weigh? The pictures I have seen in the media today show eight carriages including the power car. They weigh between 36 and 51 tons each. Being generous and taking an average of 40 tons, that makes a total of 320 tons, or about the same as 320 family cars.
To carry 9 people!

This is what happens to brain function when aunties marry nephews etc. like they do in royal families. 

This guy needs putting somewhere where he can’t do any harm to himself or any (more) harm to the rest of humanity.


  1. Ole Charley must have to have two dicks! No-one could be this silly just playing with one!

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