Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Swearing in Features MASONIC (Thumb on Knuckles) HANDSHAKE?

Wow! Julia wearing a tiara and copping a gripper handshake!

Henry Makow reports:

"With Labor back in power, it looks as though there is now going to be a concerted effort to push through fraudulent legislation such as climate change legislation which the Australian Labor party failed to establish in its first term just passed.  

They are also wincing from their failure to censor the internet with an internet filter (under the pretext of combating child pornography but with the intention of keeping the list of banned URLs secret) which led to a vehement backlash from Australian citizens who correctly saw the internet filter as a means of suppressing dissenting political opinions expressed on the internet.

Labor will not succeed in passing either the climate change legislation or the internet filter legislation.  The mood in Australia is one of extreme skepticism towards and disillusionment in the government.  

Over the past three years, Australians have gotten a taste of their collective power as citizens by opposing the climate change legislation and internet filter legislation and I guarantee that they will not give this power up.  

Australians have no appetite for either or these pieces of legislation being regurgitated and resubmitted.  They are already aware of a prolonged period of time and a massive amount of money already invested in debating them and they will have no patience for them being revisited.."

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The climate change legislation will be back on the agenda. It will be put there by the Watermelon Party - you know, Green on the outside but pink inside. The Greens have the Labor Party by the short and curlies and climate change legislation is only the first of a series of  attacks on the average Australian's freedom.

No fishing, no hunting (poison feral animals instead!), no 4 wheel driving and no vehicular acess to National Parks, just for starters. 

Where did the Greens agenda originate?  See here:

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