Friday, March 23, 2012

Lock, Stock, and Barrel Revisited, Thanks To Ron Owen from Owen Guns.

How relevant is this for our situation today.

A qoute from Malcolm Bone in a 1981 editorial in Lock, Stock, and Barrel magazine regarding Malcolms justified concerns as bureaucrats and "got at" politicians started their anti firearms campaigns.

At this particular time  annual statistics showed that over 42 % of all Australian homicides were committed with knifes and 26 % with beer bottles, firearms were less then 10 percent, the largest killer being Blunt Instruments. In one years figures two males had been beaten to death with guitars by females. 

Beer bottles somehow escaped the notice of these people who had a hidden agenda. Qoute follows:

" Suppose it could be shown that Ford cars were used 70 % of the time as a getaway vehicle after a hold up. Banning Ford cars, then would result in Holden cars being used 80% of the time. Banning Holdens in turn could result in Datsun being used 85% of the time, etc. etc. until finally Rolls Royces would be used 100% of the time and they will naturally will have to be banned, so at last there will be no more robberies because there won’t be any vehicles in which to make a getaway ! 

Can anyone remotely imagine that this pattern will be any different with regard to firearms used in robberies? Guns don’t commit robberies, people do.
It is easy and of no consequence for a criminal to break yet another law. It is already almost impossible for those who want to be law abiding , to be law abiding at all times. 

The great unheralded danger is that further laws, especially those which impose only on honest citizens can eventually bring about a general disregard for any and all laws by the public at large, in such a situation the Police could not cope.” 

 The last paragraph has a chilling ring about it!

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