Sunday, March 11, 2012

How Bob Brown is Browning All Over Us.

The Village Idiot Playing With Dynamite To Bring Australia His New Socialism.

Perhaps you actually like Bob Brown, but did you know that he holds Australia to ransom on the back of a lousy 7% of the votes required to elect one senator in NSW?
Here in broad terms is how the Green Mr Brown was elected:(Of course if you vote Green, the following will be way over your head.)
  •              Brown is a senator from Tassie
  •              Senate voting is NOT first past the post. It is "Proportional Representation"
  •              There are 12 senators from each State (and a few more from the territories)
  •              Senators are elected for 6 year terms, so 6 from each State are elected at each 3 yearly House of Reps election.
  •              A ‘quota’ of votes must be obtained to be elected. The quota depends on the number of formal votes cast in the election.

The quota varies between the States and is based on the votes within each state. For example, the populations of each State are as follows:
NSW - 7 million           Vic     - 5.3m               Qld    - 4.3m                WA    - 2.1m
SA     - 1.6m                Tas   - 0.5m     *Approximately half of those populations vote at an election.

The quota, where 6 senators are to be elected, is ONE SEVENTH of the votes.
So, the following quotas apply for the states:
NSW - 500,000           Vic     - 370,000           Qld    - 300,000           WA    - 220,000
SA     - 114,000           Tas   -    36,000

It is easier for ‘fringe element politicians’ such as Brown to be elected as senator than as a member of the House of Reps because the votes for all the wacko senate candidates who do not achieve their quotas are handed off to second preferences. *(The House of Reps requires a majority vote, not a quota.)
Usually, if a weirdo drops out, his/her preferences go to the next weirdest candidate, and thus Bob Brown gets elected in Tasmania with 36,000 votes, about 13,000 of which were actually for him.  The rest came as second preferences from such formidable organisations as ‘What Women Want Party’, ‘Liberty & Democracy Party’, ‘Senator on Line Party’ and so on.
In Queensland , a senator had to get the nod from over 300,000 voters. In NSW, to be elected, a senator required over 500,000 votes.
Remember -  Bob speaks for only 36,000 ratbags, yet he holds Australia to ransom and we are copping it.   So, what we have is Australia being held to ransom by Brown and his gang of greenies, with a fraction of the votes.
It is also interesting to note that the three smallest States, Tas, SA, and WA, each have TWO green senators, whereas the main States only have ONE each. Yes folks, we are being dictated to by a group of half-baked green clowns who represent less than 10% of voters.

Now, how do you feel?
Small wonder this country is slowly disappearing from under us.

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