Monday, May 23, 2011

Polar Ice Caps Melt - Pigs Fly Under Harbour Bridge!

 Twisted Logic of  Climate Commission Report

This biased organisations message is entirely emotional and devoid of all logic. This "report" says that polar ice will melt and cause a big sea-level rise. Yet 91% of the world's glacial ice is in Antarctica, where the average temperature is around minus 40 degrees Celsius.

The melting point of ice is zero degrees. So for the ice to melt on any scale the Antarctic temperature would need to rise by around 40 degrees, which NOBODY is predicting.

The median Warmist prediction is about 4 degrees.

So where is the huge sea level rise going to come from? Uranus? And the North polar area is mostly sea ice and melting sea ice does not raise the sea level at all.

Yet these AGW parrots constantly hail any sign of Arctic melting. That the melting of floating ice does not raise the water level is known as Archimedes' principle. Archimedes demonstrated it around 2,500 years ago.
That Tim Flannery (on $180,000 of our dollars a year) and Will Steffan have not yet caught up with that must be just about the height of scientific ignorance imaginable!

The whole Warmist scare defies the most basic physics. Yet early in 2011 we find the following unashamed lying by James Hansen: "We will lose all the ice in the polar ice cap in a couple of decades".

Sadly, what the Vulgate says in John 1:5 is still only very partially true: "Lux in tenebris lucet".

"There is still much darkness in the minds of men."

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