Sunday, May 29, 2011

Moonbat Actress Tells YOU to Pay More Tax So SHE Feels Better! WTF?

Is My Private Jet Ready For The Hollywood Trip Yet?

Actress Cate Blanchett, who earns around $35 million per year, stars (?) in the latest scare campaign for those whose aim it is, is to reduce our standad of living. In a TV commercial she lectures ordinary Australians struggling to pay their energy bills, that we must agree to a tax that will make our lives even more difficult bur will make her feel better.

That a carbon tax will achieve precisely nothing for the climate in Australia or globally means SFA to Moonbat Blanchett! As long as she feels "good" that's all that matters.

How pathetically self centred!

And as expected, there are all the usual misrepresentations in the commercial that was paid for by The Australian Conservation Foundation, an extreme environmental pressure group (which still organises lectures in Australia to spread Al Gore's climate falsehoods - see here).

Let's go through them shall we?
  • "Yes to less carbon pollution": False. We would be saying yes to less harmless trace gas carbon dioxide.
  • "Yes to new money for clean energy that never runs out": "New money" here means government subsidies for inefficient and expensive renewable energy sources. When they are competitive in the market, then people will use them. And as for never running out, wind and solar only work when the wind blows or the sun shines, so solar "runs out" every night, and wind "runs out" when it's not windy enough.
  • "Yes to help for people struggling with bills": which are only going to get much, much higher under a pointless carbon tax. And anyway, if we compensate people, they won't change their behaviour - duh.
  • "Yes to jobs": omitting to mention that every fake "green" job on average sacrifices between 2 and 4 "proper" jobs
  • "Yes to better health for our kids": reducing harmless CO2 will make no difference to the health of our "kids" [by which I think she means "children", or are we talking about goats here? - Ed]
  • And Cate's starring role: "Finally doing something about climate change": False. A carbon tax in Australia will do NOTHING for climate change, whether you believe CO2 is to blame or not.
The ad is very good at confusing harmless carbon dioxide with "carbon pollution", smoke, soot and dirt - as demonstrated by the usual belching smoke stack photo. Because the more confusion that can be sown in the minds of the public, the more chance of pulling the wool over their eyes, and getting all these misrepresentations and falsehoods past them without being noticed.

My many thanks to Australian Climate Madeness for the information in such a concise form.

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